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Control 4 is an excellent platform to use at home for all your smart home needs. On a mobile device, you can do everything you could want it to do: adjust window shades, turn on and off lights, play music and adjust volume, and anything else your system is configured to do. But what about when your device is not connected to your home network?

Enter 4Sight

Control4 provides remote access to your home with the service known as 4Sight. Now whether you are across the town or even across the globe, you’re always connected to your home. Connect, control, and manage your home with ease and peace of mind. 4Sight also provides customized push notifications and email alerts to your device when specific events occur. You could monitor when the door opens and closes, detect water leaks, and even if you left your garage door open straight to your mobile device via a secure VPN connection.

What Else Do I Get With 4Sight?

Remote Access

Not only does it provide you with remote access to your home, but 4Sight also saves the homeowner money on service calls. The same VPN connection allows dealers to access the system to make programming changes and updates remotely. It also provides dealers with comprehensive system diagnostics that are useful in identifying the cause of system failures before sending a technician out, thus avoiding multiple visits for a single fix.

Voice Control

your house is listening

With Control4 and Amazon’s Alexa, you can tell your house exactly what to do. Activate the same scenes and controls with the comfort of a hands-free operation. As a Control4 homeowner with a 4Sight subscription, you can enjoy simple voice commands by using the Amazon Echo’s friendly ‘Alexa’ voice assistant. Alexa operates just as she would, but with the added benefit of being connected to your state-of-the-art Control4 system.

When >> Then Personalization

Using your personal computer or Mac, 4Sight gives you access to When >> Then personalization; a simple-to-use programming logic designed for Control4 owners. It allows you to adjust and experiment with many features of your home’s automation and fine-tuning it until it’s just right. The interface is also a breeze to use, and the automation possibilities are seemingly endless!

How Much Does it Cost?

4Sight is an annual paid subscription, set up by your trusted Control4 dealer at only $100/year, or just under $10 a month. With those kinds of features, the 4Sight subscription is an absolute bargain! So by now, you must be asking, “How Can I Get it Added to My Home?” Assuming you already have a Control4 system, the installation procedure is rather painless. Just give us a call!

If you do not have a Control4 system and would like to know more about what the high-end smart home category can get you, check out Getting Started page today!

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