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Are you looking to get the most out of your Control4 enabled smart home? Do you wish you could interact with your home while traveling or at the office? If you don’t have a 4Sight subscription, you could be missing out on features like these:

The Intercom Anywhere App
Control4’s Intercom Anywhere app allows homeowners to receive intercom calls from touchscreens and door stations to their mobile devices. With Intercom Anywhere, users can also access their Control4 home automation services such as turning on lights or locking doors. Use the app to see who’s at your door, answer your door remotely or simply check in on your home. Intercom Anywhere takes the smart doorbell experience to another level by connecting access control, video surveillance, security and interactive communication. The service provides security and allows families to easily communicate. All registered users can use the app to stay aware of the activity taking place in and around the home to provide peace of mind.

When >> Then Automation
When >> Then programming lets homeowners customize home automation settings like lighting scenes without needing programming help from a dealer. The program is simple to use and accessed using a web browser and Control4’s web portal. Users can utilize When >> Then to do things like changing their lighting schedule or starting a music playlist when certain events take place in the house.

Alexa Voice Scenes
Control4 can also work together with Amazon Alexa devices to allow voice control of your home. Once set up by your Control4 programmer, “voice scenes” in the Control4 system allow Alexa to control lighting and other devices. “Alexa, turn on kitchen lights” could turn on kitchen lighting for you and “Alexa, turn on Pandora” could start music on the patio. Setting up an Alexa with a Control4 system is a simple process and all you need is a Control4 system, an Amazon Alexa enabled device and a 4Sight subscription.

Push Notifications
With a 4Sight subscription, receiving push notifications is simpler than ever before. Get alerts for anything happening in and around your home. Create personalized settings to receive notifications for such as people arriving to or leaving your home, leaving your garage door up or forgetting to lock a door. Control4 lets you know if anything needs your attention.

Remote Services
Regardless of whether or not you use Control4’s intercom services, a 4Sight subscription allows you to control the status of your devices while you are away from home. Suddenly remember that you left a light on? Not a problem. Use the Control4 app to find out what lights are on and turn them off. Is no one at home but the music is going? Use the Control4 app to turn off the music system and make sure that the alarm system is armed.

If you have questions regarding 4Sight and your Control4 smart home, contact a technician at Smart Offices to find out more.

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