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Our Story

Smart Offices and Smart Homes started over 15 years ago out of the vision of founder John Gilluly. A company that started in a basement out of the dreams of 2 forward-thinkers has blossomed into a profitable company with a team of 25+. Today, Smart Offices and Smart Homes serves hundreds of customers, providing smart technology to fulfill home and office needs throughout Michigan and beyond. In 2019, we opened a second location in the Kalamazoo area, expanding our reach and adding to our commitment to provide technology services that make people’s lives easier. We are dedicated to making technology work for people to improve their lives.

  Founder Story


Smart Offices and Smart Homes founder John Gilluly is no newcomer to the technology world. John had worked for over 25 years with over 150 companies, helping them in a variety of capacities including training, engineering and software development. He has been dedicated to helping people improve their processes, productivity, and communications before starting SOSH and brings that same expertise to our company.

From a very young age, John was always interested in how technology worked. Figuring out how to dismantle everything and put them back together was just the beginning. His interests lead him to Lehigh University where he earned degrees in material science and metallurgy with a minor in electrical engineering.

Upon graduation, he began work for Carpenter Technology, a company that makes high-temperature premium specialty steels for automotive, aerospace, specialty applications. He was in charge of high temperature allows and the TQM program. From there he got the opportunity to move to Michigan and take a job with a consulting firm and has never moved out of his adopted state. His time consulting allowed him to work with a variety of businesses where he wrote software programs, trained, and led high performance teams to help enhance their quality and processes to improve their bottom line.

While consulting, a relationship he formed with a customer presented him with another opportunity. He was hired as a plant manager to turn around a manufacturing company that was failing at the time. John’s dedication to producing results helped the company become profitable once more, further establishing his ability to operate as a successful leader. John’s multi-faceted experiences allowed him to closely observe how technology has changed over the years and how it can simplify the things that people do every day.

While sitting in his home office one day, John became frustrated with his inability to turn on the office light without interrupting work – the simplest task… He was convinced that there was a solution to this problem and more significant ones, and Smart Offices and Smart Homes was born. SOSH was designed to fulfill a need that John saw. From that moment on, John pledged that SOSH would be a company that delivers technology that works for their customers to make their lives simpler, and he continues that mantra today.



What makes us unique, special and different than other smart technology companies? It’s our culture. Smart Offices and Smart Homes works every day to create a company culture that functions like a family. We make sure to always treat each other with respect and hold one another to the highest standards to make sure that we are striving towards the level of excellence we want to produce in all of our work. Years of training and running high performance teams has translated to running the whole company with the same principles. Our mission, principles and goals were developed out of the input of many, not one, and they are constantly reviewed and reflected on to make sure that they continually meeting the needs of our stake holders.

Corporate Citizenship


SOSH serves the people and organizations throughout Michigan that are helping to make the world a little bit of a better place. We provide reduced rates or no-cost services to many non-profits in the area including Okemos Montessori, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, and the Friendship Circle of Detroit and Toledo to reinforce the values and the mission that we want to uphold as a company.

Our Hope


When SOSH first began, home and office automation was just getting started and it has been continuously growing more capable at an ever increasing rate. We strive to meet all of the expectations you have to ensure that the technology in your life truly makes your life richer and easier.

Why Us

Technology is our medium but working hard, being passionate about our jobs and the joy of serving our stakeholders well is at the foundation of everything that we do. Our core values set the tone for how we deliver results and build strong relationships inside of our company and with those we have the pleasure of working with because we recognize that our customers are the most important part of what we do.


Lansing Area
4650 Moore Street Okemos, MI 48864 USA
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Kalamazoo Area
7548 S Sprinkle Rd Portage, MI 49002 USA
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Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

Our Mission

  • We will be the preferred Michigan Technology Company that carefully listens to the needs of our stakeholders.
  • We will fulfill those needs by providing professional office and home technology products and services within an environment of respect, innovation, continual learning, teamwork, and fun.
  • We will be the employer of choice by fostering an environment of open communication, fiscal responsibility, personal pride and ownership in our work.

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