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            Your security camera system is a significant investment and a business asset. Therefore, it should be regularly maintained and kept in good condition to continue to provide safety and security. At Smart Offices and Smart Homes, we recommend scheduling regular maintenance to protect the investment you made and make sure your security camera system performs at the highest level in our demanding Michigan weather. For this reason, we’ve put together some tips for maintaining your security camera system.

            Semi-Annual Inspections
           First, have your security camera system thoroughly inspected. Specifically, an inspector checks for any signs that it’s breaking down. Loose connections or broken cables, dirty or damaged lenses, and electrical surges are usually behind a camera system not working. Additionally, have an inspector check the NVR hard drives, power supplies and the UPS to make sure the drives are not failing, power supplies are still holding output voltages and the battery is fully charged and isn’t displaying warning lights.security camera system

            Check the Positions  
          During the inspection, make sure that your cameras are securely in place. Similarly, a professional reviews your camera’s positioning and setup and makes sure it’s meeting your security needs and protecting the areas of interest. Furthermore, they’ll also make sure the cameras aren’t experiencing any vibrations affecting the image and video quality.

            Regular Cleaning
          Additionally, clean the lenses of all of your cameras or have them cleaned at least twice a year. In particular, check the lenses for dust, smudges, water spots and other issues from time to time. Specifically, dirty lenses affect the image and video quality of the camera. Cameras with Night Vision (IR) are particularly affected. However, there are plenty of helpful videos online with instructions on how to properly clean camera lenses without damaging them.

            Check Video Recordings
          What good is a security camera if it doesn’t record? For this reason, regularly check to make sure your cameras are recording properly. It’s important to catch problems with the system before experiencing a security incident and not having any footage.  Also, most DVR/NVR’s have error logs that should be reviewed at the inspection. Additionally, if you have motion detector sensors or motion alarms, check those too.

            Replace as Needed
          Replace any broken cameras and ones displaying poor image quality straightaway. A quality inspection gives you insight on any broken parts that need to be replaced. Also, it’s highly recommended to purchase replacement parts from the original manufacturer you purchased your security camera system from. This ensures you’re getting real and high-quality parts.

       If you keep up with regular security camera system maintenance, you’re protecting your investment and making sure it will last you a long time and protect your property. Smart Offices offers free technology audits! Specifically, our professionals evaluate your security camera system and provide you with feedback on how it can better benefit you. Furthermore, we’re fully trained and qualified to help you install and maintain your security camera system. For the latest and most effective security systems and solutions for your business or home, contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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