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Google Posts for My Business

Google My Business has been a staple for any business to get recognized on Google searches, even without having a website. Features that used to come at a premium are now available to all Google My Business users. One such feature that is available: Google Posts.

Just like posting a blog, promotion, or advertising a service, this new update adds another level of search engine visibility. The new post shows up under the business information section whenever it would appear on a google search. Since these posts show up without the user navigating to the website, it’s just another way of getting them there with an enticing blog, product, or update.

When writing a post, Google offers several standard options: uploading a featured image, written text up to 300 words. They also allow the ability to add an event title with start and end dates with times. Users can also add action buttons such as ‘Learn more’, ‘Reserve’, ‘Sign up’, ‘Buy’, or ‘Get offer.’ An easy use-case for these posts are going to be for showing an excerpt of a new post of your blog and showing it off on Your Google My Business Page.

We’re going to run a test on the previous post here and report back on this page, Nov 23rd, on the results. We suspect it should generate at least a few leads, and it takes hardly any extra time on top of creating a blog already. We see this as a feature to add to our SEO contracts as an included feature.

The Posts also show up on Google Map searches.  Imagine the SEO bonus to local searches when it can be this easy to incorporate targeted keywords that can show up for locals!

Google keeps on adding cool and new additions to their services, especially the free ones, so be sure to check back for updates to Google’s amazing local services. If you have any questions on how to get started using Google Posts, contact us and we will steer you in the right direction!

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