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Technology manufacturer and distributor Control4 released a sleek new touchscreen remote for your Control4 OS 3 remote control experience. The Neeo Remote provides homeowners with quick access to the features they use the most such as streaming services, TV stations and playlists and connects on Wi-Fi for use throughout the home. The Neeo Remote is the first Control4 handheld remote that combines hard buttons with a touchscreen. This provides an intuitive interface customized for meeting the unique needs of any smart technology connected home. 

Meticulously-Engineered Design
Swiss engineers are raising the bar for smart homes interfaces and designed the remote to be powerful, beautiful and simple. Neeo’s ultra-thin style is constructed with machined aluminum, designed for protecting the edge-to-edge touch touchscreen and allowing for a sturdy device. The three-inch, high-resolution LCD touchscreen displays clear and bright images and icons, allowing for immediate, one-touch navigation. The Neeo remote comes in silver or black finishes with weighted, magnetic and stylish charging stations and runs up to five days after a full charge. Other features include auto-sleep functions when not in use, a built-in accelerometer and gold-plated charging connectors. 

Created for Control4 Users
Neeo was specifically built for smart home needs. With the Neeo Remote, you have one-touch control and quick and easy sight of all of your devices. The Control4 OS 3 personalization that homeowners know and love extends to the Neeo Remote. The remote is  equipped to connect with popular platforms already utilized by Control4 users including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Swipe right on the remote to see your video sources such as your video game systems and TV network.

For increased simplicity, Neeo provides users with one-touch icons for the TV channels they watch the most and an on-screen keypad to type in the name of a channel. The touchscreen reduces the needs for a large number of buttons, making it easier to use. It includes common buttons like power, mute, volume and home. The button and touch screen combination makes Neeo the perfect universal remote for entertainment purposes. You have easy control over what you’re watching without taking your eyes off the screen. 

Neeo Remote

The Neeo remote was designed for creating harmony between homeowners and smart home installer flexibility. Smart Offices and Smart Homes will have the new Neeo Remote on display and available for demo. Current Control4 users with systems running 0S 3 can order a Neeo Remote, available exclusively through Control4 Smart Home Pros. Smart Offices and Smart Homes’ professional installers and programmers are your local experts on everything you need for your smart home. Contact us today for your installation and set-up needs!

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