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Cell Phone Web Browsing Got an Upgrade

You’ve probably heard of AMP or seen an AMP page load on your phone, but what is Google AMP? Google recently launched AMP, or accelerated mobile pages, to speed up mobile load times for websites. The number of users on mobile browsing recently surpassed the number of users on the desktop. This change in user’s search habits is why it is necessary for the urgency of focusing on mobile friendly optimization.

What does this mean for developers?

More people are doing searches on mobile devices than ever before. Sluggish websites cause users to leave the site before it has a chance to load (high bounce rate). Optimization for mobile devices has become a primary focus for developers. Validating and sending Google an AMP version of a website puts the site directly on Google servers; part of the reason why pages load so quickly worldwide.


Google removed JavaScript support for AMP, but there are a few workarounds to incorporate analytics. Their intentions are for developers to use rich content (images, video, etc.) designed specifically using AMP HTML for optimal performance. Most important for developers is AMP will remain open source.

The Benefits of AMP

So other than asking “what is Google Amp”, we should be asking how does it affect me? AMP pages promoted the idea that mobile users do not have to suffer when it comes to access to content on the web. Not only do the pages load quickly, but they also will use considerably less bandwidth. With many consumers out there NOT on unlimited mobile data plans, this is big news!

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