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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial part of your website, and your business as a result. It increases your website’s authority and makes it easily discoverable to search engines like Google and Bing with relevant keywords and phrases. In other words, an SEO audit is essentially a thorough check-up of your website. Therefore, have one regularly so your website achieves maximum success. Here are some reasons why your website needs an SEO audit. 

Make it to the Top
Consider that Google generates about 14 million results per search and only 10 appear on the first page. With this in mind, 36% of Google users only click on the top 3 results. For maximum profit, your business must remain at the top of the search results. An SEO audit ensures your website is searchable and clicked on. 

Algorithm Updates
Furthermore, Google constantly changes its algorithm and the factors contributing to search engine rankings. This adjusts what’s needed for ranking well on SERP, or the search engine results page. Significantly, things that worked well in the past or when your website first went live might hurt your website after an algorithm update. Therefore, an SEO audit lets you know if your website is properly optimized for Google’s current search algorithms. 

Outdated Content
Outdated content is often ignored. However, content can become outdated in as little as 6 months. Therefore, get rid of or update any pages on your website that aren’t visited regularly to keep your website refresh. As a general rule, good content has:

  • K- Keyword Density and Correct placement
  •  V- Validity of content.
  •  R- Relevant Keywords

As an example, during an SEO audit, your content is evaluated using these KVR guidelines, ensuring your content contributes to maintaining a high position in Google SERP. 

SEO auditLoading Times
Additionally, how fast your website loads contributes to the user experience. That being said, 47% of visitors expect a webpage to load in 2 seconds or less. Google also considers this as a SERP ranking factor. Therefore, page load speed is a crucial factor for determining a website’s SERP rankings. An SEO audit finds the reasons your site is loading slow and suggests solutions for fixing them. 

Website Errors
Another key point is that website errors such as broken links and pages reduce traffic to your website. These errors occur more frequently than people expect. Therefore, you need an SEO audit to find and eliminate the issues and prove that your website is of high quality. 

Having an audit conducted once every six months is generally acceptable for staying on top of your SEO and maintaining your website traffic. Smart Offices and Smart Homes’ web development team knows what your business needs to sustain a strong and relevant online presence. Contact us today at 517-381-5171 for a thorough SEO audit of your website. 


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