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Meetings rooms designed to support productivity are evolving rapidly, moving towards increased communication and effective collaboration amongst team members. What’s driving this evolution? New display technologies. Video walls, 4k displays and interactive touch displays left conventional presentation technology in the past. These new technologies offer greater opportunities for a more immersive experience, making offices embracing this technology more productive than ever before. 

LG’s 86” TN3F-B Multi-Touch Screen Display is the ideal solution for conference rooms. The display screen is equipped with In-Cell touch technology. Because the LCD panel and protective glass are almost completely bonded together, this innovative technology is beneficial for writing performance, visibility and design. Use TN3F’s Active Pen for a natural and detailed writing experience that perfectly reproduces your handwriting. Additionally, use TN3F’s data mirroring technology to remotely collaborate and connect in meetings from anywhere and at any time. For smarter meetings, TN3F’s screen sharing lets you share content with laptops and other mobile devices. The TN35 is incredibly user-friendly, providing video, audio and power all-in-one, making it simple and convenient to connect with other devices. 

The 86” TR3BF-B Digital Display is another smart option for conference rooms. Increase the success and collaboration of your business with this interactive display with accurate touch quality. The TR3BF Series uses up to 20 points of multitouch, ten points of writing and two types of stylus pens for an authentic touch and writing experience. You can easily erase what’s written on the screen with the palm of your hand like you’re erasing a real whiteboard. Conduct immersive meetings by screen sharing content with laptops and other mobile devices. The TR3BF Series uses the Chrome web browser to directly connect to the Internet without the need for a laptop or desktop. 

Touch displays are making an impact on conference rooms across the country. At Smart Offices and Smart Homes, we deliver smart technology to help your business run smoother and be more productive. Get in touch with us to get started on a must-have touch display for your conference room perfect for connecting, collaborating and creating!

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