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Home audio company Sonos cut the cord and announced its first portable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speaker. The speaker, named the Sonos Move, releases on September 24 and is optimized for both indoor and outdoor audio. At $399.99, the speaker combines the sound quality of Sonos with the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability they’re known for. Stream using Wi-Fi at home and switch to Bluetooth when you’re offline or away!

Features of The Move
The Move, currently only available in the color shadow black, includes a handle on the back so users can grab it with one hand. It’s rated IP56 meaning it operates in very cold or very hot temperatures and has protection from water spray and dust particles. Additionally, the Move is labeled as safe for the beach, handling small splashes and sand. It’s built with a mix of aluminum and a silicone base with a rubber base to handle the drops. The controls for the Move are at the top of the speaker similar to previous versions. 

Sonos Move Battery
Sonos products typically plug in but, for the first time, the silicone base contains a lithium-ion battery that lasts for about 900 charges. Furthermore, Sonos says the battery should last about 3 years and developed a replacement process for when it needs to be switched. On a full charge, Sonos says the battery lasts about 10 hours. The Move comes with a charging base that fully charges the device in two hours. Additionally, there’s an LED indicator on the front of the dock that shows it’s charging and it also has a USB-C port for charging on the go. 

Sonos Trueplay
The Sonos Move comes equipped with the Sonos Trueplay. Sonos Trueplay uses built-in microphones, that automatically sense and adjust to the output to deliver a quality sound experience based on the environment. In other words, perfect sound for what you’re listening to, wherever you are. Additionally, the microphones integrate with the Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant when on Wi-Fi. Play music, set alarms, ask questions, and more. 

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