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Smart Offices and Smart Offices is more than just a technology service provider. We perform comprehensive audits to ensure you get the best quality and services that work for your business. And it’s all for free. Take a look at what we offer.

Audio Systems

Lost connections, incompatible hardware, jumbled wires and complicated presentation systems are a thing of the past. Smart Offices and Smart homes will ensure your room speakers, wireless microphones and intercom systems maximize your business’s overall performance and improve employee efficiency. The commercial systems we use include conference room systems, multi-room intercom systems, overhead paging systems, commercial sound systems and presentation systems that maximize your potential for effective collaboration. By installing the latest technology with the highest quality products, we make sure your business performs at the highest level without breaking your budget.    



VoIP Phone systems

Smart Offices and Smart Homes offers your business a free VoIP Assessment to ensure VoIP provides you cost savings without diminishing call and sound quality. Additional benefits VoIP systems provide include greater flexibility and multi-functionality such as conducting video conferencing calls. Stay in touch with co-workers and build on customer relationships from anywhere. Every office and the network they use is different. We make sure a VoIP system works for your specific work environment. We do this by performing a thorough assessment of your network. This includes bandwidth and Internet connection, firewalls, call volume and extended features. We run tests directly in your workspace to detect for dropped or missed calls, echoes and other issues that can arise with VoIP.

Video Systems

Video Conferencing

We have years of experience in building video conferencing rooms with expertise in installation execution and project management support. We assist companies in managing their video conferencing services, improving usage and ROI. Our experts deliver custom solutions to help you get the most out of your communication strategy and conduct successful meetings and presentations. Embrace business-minded video conferencing tools for the benefits they provide including reducing travel time and costs, optimizing attendance from remote employees which adds to employee retention and increasing productivity. Video conferencing gives your business a competitive advantage by allowing for increased productive and effective communication.

Digital signage

You’ve invested your time, money and resources into a complex digital signage system for your organization. But it doesn’t stop there. Digital signage isn’t on a static course. It’s a dynamic, constantly changing and evolving message delivery system to get your company message out in the most effective way. Ineffective signage hurts communication efforts and business branding. Assessing the effectiveness of your digital signage is achieved by having a walk through audit performed. We’ll make changes or additions to ensure your messages are on track with the needs of your customers by setting you up with interactive features and informational displays. Use digital signage to engage your customers and deliver a memorable experience, persuading them to take action and purchase more from your store, restaurant or business.

Automation Systems

Every business is different with its own unique set of needs. Automated systems increase the overall performance of your business and Smart Offices and Smart Homes is with you every step of the way. We come in and evaluate your business to make sure you get the most out of the technology you use and maximize your earning potential. We’ve partnered with Crestron to offer you a reliable and high-quality automation experience for your business. Crestron makes day-to-day tasks easier, increasing efficiency and productivity for your business or transforming your home.  


Do you have the best IT solution in place to save your business time, money and technology frustration? Having the right IT system in place is crucial for your business as a tool and to increase your competitive advantage. With our free IT audits, our team reviews your current system and identifies places where it can be developed to work faster and more efficiently and be more productive. We also let you know how to reduce costs, resulting in opportunities for future improvements and better support for your business. We want to help you get the most out of your technology.  

Website and SEO analysis

Website SEO audits provide an in-depth analysis of the findings of your website’s visibility. A quality website is an investment and we make sure to optimize that investment to fit your business needs. We perform comprehensive website audits and research data and statistics to see what works well and what changes need to be made. The information gained provides details on how to better generate traffic or improve sales and conversions. SEO audits are beneficial to keep your website healthy and grow your business so you receive the greatest return on your investment.

Automated Lighting Control

If you’re a forward-thinking business, you’ll want to know how to optimize your business operations and increase your sustainability while cutting costs. Save as much money as possible and decrease your energy usage with an automated lighting control system. Let Smart Offices and Smart Homes come in and see your business. With a free audit, we’ll let you know how your business can use smart lighting systems to increase productivity and safety and improve your ROI through energy savings and greater space utilization.  


At Smart Offices and Smart Homes, it isn’t just about sales. We make sure every completed project and service is in the best interest of the customers. Our goal is to provide technology services that truly make your lives easier and we do that by delivering quality results. For more information on the services we provide or to take advantage of our free audits, contact Smart Offices and Smart Homes today.

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