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Should I Hire a Smart Home Installer?

Do-it-yourself projects have become increasingly popular. Many off the shelf smart home devices tag themselves as “plug-and-play,” but a beginner attempting to tackle a whole smart home installation when they’re first starting can be an incredibly overwhelming task, and you might find yourself asking, “Should I hire a smart home installer?” Proper smart home device installation requires expert knowledge of electronics and IT; a task that’s more than your typical weekend DIY project. At Smart Homes Inc, we understand that, and that’s why we’re here to help.

If looking to turn your home into a smart home interests you, here are some reasons to trust a professional to get the job done right!

The Problem with Off-The-Shelf Devices

Nearly every large store sells them. From voice assistants that claim to control everything, products like the Phillips Hue smart lighting kits, garage controllers, sprinklers, smart locks, surveillance, to video doorbells, the list goes on! As a single package, these products are great. However, most people forget about the big picture “smart home” experience. The biggest drawback to these is the fact that each one has its App interface. To get the “smart home” experience, you’d likely end up being glued to your phone to trigger every action you want to happen. Juggling between a whole host of different apps and controls may not seem daunting to you, but your guests (and likely other members of the household) will likely not tolerate the hassle in using them all. A professional installation, on the other hand, provides a single interface experience across a variety of methods. Our solutions at Smart Homes, Inc., is so intuitive to use, our customers require little time to understand how everything works; and it’s completely seamless.

Professional Installation is a Safer Route

If the thought of pulling switch plates and determining which wires are neutral fills you with trepidation, you may want to consult a professional installer. However, if done correctly, and installing simple items go over okay, there are still more things to consider. Without careful planning, installing equipment yourself could lead to a mess of cables and wires that ruin the aesthetic of your home, as well as introduce tripping hazards! If you’re considering a complex system, hiring a professional is the smart way to go because they often require specific wiring that is foreign to most DIY’ers. Configuring electronic equipment wrong can lead to serious safety concerns in your home. Our highly trained professionals at Smart Homes, Inc., work hard to ensure that all installations we do will always work great, and look great too.

Security & Privacy are Often Left Behind

With the surge of network-connectivity in our homes, virtually every electronic sends and receives at least some kind of data such as its status. However, one aspect of home-based electronics is the fear of hacking that most people forget. The need for increased cybersecurity and privacy are significant as all it takes to get access to a network is to hack the weakest device. A mix of varying devices from several, often Chinese, manufacturers increases that risk dramatically which is why we include more focus on security and privacy. At Smart Homes, Inc., we not only use devices and manufacturers we trust, but we also maintain security updates remotely well after the installation is complete.

Professional Installation Provides More Options

Using a professional service can help ensure that you are choosing the right products not only for today but for any future installations you might want to make. Our Smart Home professionals stay up-to-date on all of the latest technology trends. When we visit your home, we evaluate the space and provide you with the best options for your smart home and networking needs.

A Pro Installation Will Always be Complete

Picture this: You have your tools and your instructions, and you’re ready to get started on installing a custom theater for your home. You dedicate yourself to the project for a few weeks, and then you run out of motivation and, more importantly, time. A good reason to hire a smart home installer is that our team of engineers always work quickly and efficiently to install the technology that leaves you with a finished product every time.

A Complete User Experience

Many smart home products are advertised for their simplicity. Just simply connect them to the network, download an app and enjoy the control. The problem with this is that you’re going to end up overwhelmed to keep track of all the apps you need to use on your daily routine. There’ll be one to change the lights, one to lock the doors, one to adjust the temperature, and so on. The lack of cooperation between regular devices has a direct impact on user experience. When users have to use dozens of different Apps to control each of their devices, the user experience of one system is blurred by the experience of the incoherent nature of the entire experience. On the other hand, our smart home integrators work with you to assess what technology you want to include, and we design a system in which we can ensure all moving parts are compatible with each other.

Hiring A Pro Brings Peace of Mind

Using a professional service to install your smart home devices takes the burden off of you. No more need to worry about stressing out over whether something is installed correctly or if you’ll be able to make it work correctly. At Smart Homes, Inc., our professionals are trained in successfully installing the technology for your home to make it work exactly the way you want and need it to. Before we leave, we make sure each customer understands every aspect of your new technology. We work with you to isolate which components or rooms you want to use most and make them easily available on your user interface.

You CAN have the smart home of your dreams, but take the time to consider if doing it yourself is the most efficient way. Smart Homes’ engineering team of professionals is here to provide you with any service you need for your home automation projects and to make sure the systems that are set up are reliable and operate at the highest level possible!

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