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A television doesn’t have to just be a black box of entertainment. With a Samsung Frame TV, you not only get a high-quality television, but you also have an attractive new art piece added to your living room. If you think Samsung’s 8k Resolution TVs are innovative, you’ll be amazed by their new “picture-perfect system.” It’s a TV when it’s on and artwork when it’s off.

Samsung’s Frame TV was created for ambiance. Samsung partnered with art galleries and artists around the world to create works of art for mounting on the wall. When the Frame TVs are in standby mode, these artwork screensavers appear instead of a black, empty screen.  The new Frame TV also features Bixby, Samsung’s voice assistant. With Bixby, Frame users can control their TV shows, streaming platforms and volume as well as other smart devices around the home including lights, soundbars and cameras.

The appearance of the Frame TV is just as important to its appeal as the picture quality it produces as a television. The Frame TV comes in a range of sizes: 43-inches, 55-inches, 65-inches and a 49-inch size. One example of the little touches Samsung included to add to the experience is the frame’s customizable bezels. Users pick from five bezel types-white, black, grey, and light and dark brown wood finishes. The chosen colors make it even more “frame-like” when it’s hung on the wall. Use magnets to attach and detach the frame at any time to match your style.

Samsung makes hanging the TV on a wall the smartest and most efficient option. They created a “gap-free” wall mounting system that comes with each frame set so it sits flush against the wall. The TV hangs without jutting out at an angle or leaving a gap. The TV screen also comes with Samsung’s One Connect cabling system. It only requires a single clear cable that connects from the TV to a connection box. The box includes the power, USB and HDMI connections for a sleek and discreet design.

We feel Art Mode is the most valuable feature on the new displays! The 2019 Frame TV model comes with a 4K QLED panel with increased contrast and color levels. With Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology, The Frame has a full 100% color volume, displaying realistic colors regardless of the brightness level of the screen. Samsung’s Art Mode also tweaks the images’ brightness and contrast, making the art look like it’s painted on canvas. With its constantly scanning brightness sensor, the screen adjusts its brightness depending on the ambient surroundings. Enjoy the artwork as it’s meant to be seen whether it’s day or night. While in Art Mode, The Frame’s Motion Sensors detect your presence and display the art, turning the screen off when you leave to save energy.

Samsung’s Art Store offers over 1,000 art pieces to select from in addition to the 20 works of art that come pre-installed. Accessing the library of art available for the TV’s Art Mode requires a $4.99 a month subscription. You can also upload your own images using your smartphone or a USB flash drive.

With Samsung’s new Frame TV, your television is a source of entertainment and a statement piece for your home. Innovate your home with technology designed to fit your style and space. If you’re interested in a Samsung Frame TV for your home, contact us at Smart Offices and Smart Homes for professional installation and set-up!

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