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Smart Homes and Smart Offices in the Greater Lansing area is now an authorized dealer of On Controls! On Controls is a leading cloud-enabled automation system. It can be used for any device, in any environment with any setup. It is flexible and customized to your home or office. Whether you want to control the electronics in your business, home theater or company building, On Control’s functionality and versatility will make it the best-customized solution for your automation control needs.


Control your TV, music, security, thermostat, lights, and more from your phone or tablet as the ultimate home controller. Whether you want a one or two room application or whole-house connectivity, On Controls allows highly customizations and helps improve the efficiency of everyday living. Smart Homes will help you with easy setup and provide excellent customer service to ensure satisfaction of your new top-of-the-line control system.


On Controls will bring you the highest level of adaptability and efficiency for the perfect commercial control and automation solutions. On Controls is customizable and scalable to fit, from a basic conference room to a complete hospital, university, restaurant or any other facility. Control your lighting, media and entertainment, as well as heating and cooling systems while at home or jet-setting around the world.

On Controls is the winner of the CES 2014 Control Product of the Year. Don’t waste another day. Let Smart Homes and Smart Offices start making your life easier with a specific On Control product for you. Create, design and deploy an ultimate control solution unlike any other.


Source: On Controls | The Premier Cloud-Stored Control System for Professional Integrators

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