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Video Wall Options

Digital Signage has evolved rapidly in this last decade. From projection (both front and rear), LCD displays, and LED panels, it’s getting difficult to choose the best option. We’re here to help!

♦ Projection – Easiest Implementation

Projectors are fairly easy to set up, especially self-focusing laser models. The image can be displayed on a variety of screens or wall types with and without special paint. A rear projection configuration can work but would require tons of space behind the screen which is unfeasible for most places. The potentially lower cost and ease of setup comes with more than just a few drawbacks, however.

Pros Cons
  • Multiple Price Points
  • Short Setup Time
  • Washed Image In Bright Environments
  • Rear Projection Requires Ample Space
  • Costly to run at 24/7
  • Obscured in high traffic areas
  • Laser Setup Still Expensive

♦ LCD TV Wall Display – Most Popular In Use

An LCD display video wall is basically many TV’s in a grid arrangement. A video wall controller sends each TV in the array a piece of the intended image which is what gets displayed. On initial setup, it can look pretty great; albeit except the obvious bezel, and a few flaws.

Pros Cons
  • 4K Resolution Easily Achieved
  • Touch Overlay Capable
  • Displays can be Repurposed
  • Noticeable Bezels Between Displays
  • Expensive Maintenance
  • Scaling is Sometimes Fussy
  • Did We Mention the Bezels?

♦ LED Video Wall – Engineering Perfection

A true bezel-less video wall is finally achievable in an elegant manner. Price points in 2018 are falling even closer to LCD wall levels. The screen is made of up of millions of RGB LED’s that are intelligently managed by a controller. The final display is made up of many LED panels that can be easily serviced. The controller receives the source feed and scales it to fit depending on the configuration.

Pros Cons
  • No Bezels Whatsoever
  • Excellent viewing Angles
  • Durable!
  • Intellegently Scales Any Source
  • Can Be Any Shape or Aspect Ratio
  • Has a Minimum Viewing Distance

Check out Vanguard!

Check them out at the link and contact us below to have an LED video wall professionally installed. We are a trusted integrator/dealer.

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