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            Apex changed the way we think about wall mounts. The new Nexus 21 Apex motorized TV wall mount encompasses many of the innovative features our customers ask for! The motorized, articulating mount has the slimmest profile in the industry, concealed cable management, safety features and three-step installation. It’s built for screens up to 80” with a maximum weight of 100 pounds and swivels up to 45 degrees depending on the width of the TV.

            Some motorized mounts break easily, causing additional time, money and frustration. However, the Apex motorized TV wall mount is designed with “Smart Drive” technology. This helps prevent damage to the mount when it’s manually moved. “Smart Drive” makes Apex aware of its positioning, allowing adjustments to unexpected changes and releasing when detecting blockages.

Apex Motorized TV Wall Mount​The Apex motorized TV wall mount is original in both form and function. It’s the first motorized wall mount that fits completely inside the wall. This innovation is due to its 3/4″ ultra-thin installation profile. Its design features make it ideal for tough installation locations.  It comes with a versatile wall box that’s mounted in-wall or on-wall. This increases the flexibility for location and positioning during the planning process. The mount is installed with a three-step process, making it simple for a single technician. It also comes equipped with three-point adjustments, quickly adjusting in cases of uneven installation. Additionally, dedicated component-mounting locations and the COBRA Concealed Cable-Management System allow for a polished aesthetic and inhibit cable wear and tear. Check out the video below to see the wall in action!

            Rely on Smart Offices and Smart Homes for your TV installation needs. Whether it’s a TV for your office or your custom home theater, our professional installers will get the job done quickly, and efficiently. Contact us today-we’d love to work with you!

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