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Upgrade Your Home or Office

It is time to give your home or small business a fresh look! A new lighting system can boost an office or conference room to become more engaging. Upgrading existing lighting and locks is easier than it has ever been! A lively look with new bulbs like Philips’ Hue with HomeKit, or even a full lighting system from Control4 or Crestron, which are controlled via tablet, voice command, or smartphone effortlessly.

Apple Users May Rejoice

Apple’s HomeKit comes on iOS devices nowadays, and the new update allows users to require a smart hub for internet-of-things devices no longer. The only requirement for HomeKit is to use an Apple device such as an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. However, the Apple TV is crucial to control or automate anything while not at home. Philips Hue lights still need the Hue bridge for the bulbs to connect but synchronize to the Apple TV seamlessly. The new update also puts HomeKit on the iOS control center by just swiping over.

Automation is more affordable than before too! Retrofit an existing deadbolt with a smart lock and no longer worry about leaving the door unlocked. They are battery powered and connect to Wi-Fi to easily sync with Apple Homekit. Telling Siri to open the door and at the same time turn the foyer lights on will certainly impress. Compare that to a few years ago when they only way to do that was to push a button!

What Happens Next?

Lately, Apple is pushing towards a smart-home focus. For consumers, this is good news. Being a giant like Apple, they will most definitely cause a rift in the market (as they usually do when entering a new market) and bring fierce competition with it. Many users of high-end automation already prefer the software to be housed on an iPad, so a transition to HomeKit will be natural. Since Apple isn’t making any smart device hardware (yet), all they need to do is focus on making sure their software communicates with each device properly.

There are thousands of smart devices to add function, style, and automation to a home or office network. With so many platforms already available and ready to use, it’s best to get what you want now, rather than wait. Compatibility between current devices will only get better from here through firmware updates and faster user hardware.

Make your New Years resolution a successful one and revamp your home or office. Have any questions? Feel free to Contact Us!

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