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Smart home speakers and their assistants are extremely popular right now. Amazon is continually releasing fresh and exciting new updates for the Amazon Echo, so its features are continually expanding. Here are a few of the new Amazon Echo features and details on how to use them to find out which new Amazon Echo feature you need to try next!
Amazon Echo Includes Multi-room Audio
    Echo recently released one of their most highly anticipated new features. This new Amazon Echo feature now allows for Echo users to connect several Echo speakers at once to play music throughout their home. If you own multiple devices, you won’t have to miss out on hearing your favorite song if you move from the living room to the kitchen. You can have the same track playing from room to room! Alexa owners also can choose which specific device they want to use to play the song. This new grouping feature also allows for a simplified way of requesting demands. 
Connect to Spotify and Apple Music
    Spotify users with Premium accounts can now link their accounts to Echo through the Alexa mobile apps. After doing this, they can then instruct Alexa to play their favorite songs. Amazon is also set to release a new feature on December 17 that will allow Apple Music users to play their music and playlists using Echo speakers. 
Find your Phone
    If you are always misplacing your phone, the Amazon Echo has a new feature designed for you. Echo users can now find their missing smartphones by speaking the command, “Alexa, trigger find my phone.” If the phone is in hearing range, Echo will automatically call it. 
Plan your Daily Routine
    Don’t delete your Google Maps app quite yet. However, a new Amazon Echo feature released that provides users with a quick update on what is happening on the roads as they get ready to leave the house. The Alexa app can be used to pinpoint a starting location and then a destination. Amazon Echo users can ask the question, “ Alexa, how is traffic?” Alexa will give an answer describing the reasonable commute as well as route suggestions to reach your destination that is most efficient. A newly released update is of a “wait” feature that allows users to delay their routine and how long to delay it for. This new routine delay feature is perfect for situations when you are running late and need some extra time to get ready.
Plan Your Calendar
    You can now link Alexa to your Google calendar. Once it’s linked, you can ask Alexa essential questions like, “What’s on my calendar for Wednesday?” or, “What time is my doctor’s appointment tomorrow?” You can use Alexa to schedule reminders about events or tasks that you don’t want to forget. When it gets close to the scheduled time, a blue ring of light appears on the Echo and Alexa will call out a reminder.
Plan a Movie Date
    A new Amazon Echo feature helps you skip the movie line. You can ask Alexa when the new Leonardo DiCaprio movie is playing from the comfort of your couch. Echo will give you all of the showtimes for a specific theater, and then you can call out “skip ahead,” and it tells you the showtimes for a different theater. Once you choose your movie, the Echo can then provide you with additional information regarding movie reviews, ratings, actors and more.
The New Echo Connect
    A new Amazon Echo feature called the Echo Connect allows users to make and take calls using their landline telephone. This feature extends to any phone number including emergency services and international calls. All saved contacts can be synced using the Alexa app. SMS text messages can also now be sent to any mobile device. This feature does not include group messages that include pictures or emojis, and Alexa is unable to notify you if you receive a response. 
Track your Amazon orders
    If you order something from Amazon with your Amazon Echo, you can now track those packages by asking, “Alexa, where’s my stuff?” or saying, “Alexa, track my order.” Alexa won’t be able to tell you every single detail about your order, but it can tell you the day your packages are set to arrive. Your Echo can tell you when your Amazon Prime orders have been shipped by showing a bright a yellow light ring. 
Smarten your Home
    The Amazon Echo was created for all of your smart home technology needs. Amazon Echos can control lighting, personal heaters, fans, coffee makers, thermostat settings and even the Amazon Fire TV. Take advantage of the new Amazon Echo features that help you stay connected in your home. 
    Amazon is constantly pushing the limits on what the Amazon Echo can do. New technology updates have exciting features to help make your smart home speaker even more efficient! Come into Smart Homes today to find out more ways that you can smarten your home! 

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