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Microsoft unfortunately had to deal with a little bit of trouble, but quickly worked to help their customers when software users were hit with another Windows 10 bug. The Windows 10 bug told users that that their license was no longer activated even though it had already been authenticated. Windows 10 users took to threads on Reddit to complain that their Windows 10 Pro installations were reverting to Windows 10 Home. The issue was shown to affect every version of Windows 10 and tech-support released a statement saying that the Windows 10 bug stemmed from a server-side issue on Microsoft’s end. Microsoft stated that it has now resolved the issue with instructions on how to manually troubleshoot the problem posted on their website.

This is the third major issue that Microsoft has faced in recent times. Microsoft was forced to pull back the release of the Windows 10 October 2018 Update after consumers were  reporting that it was deleting files during the upgrading process. They also faced another issue causing the Blue Screen of Death on some HP computers. That problem was quickly fixed after being linked back to driver issues. A more recent bug affected zip file operations by overwriting and deleting users documents without prompting.

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