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What is Microsoft Continuum?
The current phone craze at the moment is the newly announced Samsung Galaxy S8. It boasts some pretty cool tech, new voice assistant, and a very interesting screen aspect ratio. But, the most interesting thing to us here at Smart Offices & Smart Homes is the desktop-mode docking ability. Although this ability is hardly the buzz about this phone, it is interesting to see Samsung adding functionality as well of updating hardware.

The Samsung dock, called DeX dock, is their first attempt at a ‘desktop’ dock. Limitations are rather obvious: HDMI monitor connection (only), and the operating system remains Android (appears similar to a Chromebook).

But how does this compare to Microsoft’s offering? What is Microsoft Continuum?

Windows phone market share isn’t very large, mainly due to their entrance late in the market. However, they have made some pretty darned cool devices.

First, Nokia launched a phone with a 41 Megapixel rear camera that was made exclusive for Microsoft back in 2013 (now Microsoft owns Nokia). 4 years later, Samsung is bragging about the S8’s new camera – which happens to be only 12 Megapixels. Yes, Samsung phones tend to generate great looking pictures, but not photos that are generally suitable for photography experts.

Next, Microsoft leaped into the business market with their new interface: Continuum.

Meet the HP Elite x3

This quite powerful Windows phone is not that different from a PC that’s just been shrunk down to 6″ (5.96″ to be specific) with a 1440p AMOLED display, beefy quad-core processor, 4GB DDR4 RAM, and much more.


The magic happens when you plop the phone into the HP desk dock. With Microsoft Continuum, once you have things hooked up such as a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, the phone turns into a full-fledged windows 10 computer. The beauty of it all is that you carry all that information with you in your pocket wherever you may go. Obviously, more storage is often desired for a Windows environment, but Microsoft thought of that too. With OneDrive cloud-storage included, the interaction between files is seamless.


HP engineered the phone with security as an important piece due to the business world, which is why they included fingerprint and iris scanners (Windows Hello). The front camera is no slouch at a respectable 8MP – the thought here is not for selfies, but to ensure crystal clarity during conference calls. The 4150mAh battery can easily last for several days; perfect for the traveling businessperson. Oh, and Microsoft Cortana; a more refined voice assistant than Samsung’s Bixby.


Conclusion time:

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is a sharp phone. But if more people would give Microsoft phones a chance, they would see how compelling they realy are. Continuum will most likely replace simple office computers of the future.


Now if only they made a wireless dock… Image the possibilities!

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