Talking to Your Home is Smarter Than Ever

The newly popular Amazon Echo has sparked the interest for hands-free software control. Now with the launch of the compact Amazon Dot, voice control is more affordable and expandable than ever. It’s 7 microphone array offers noise-cancelling interpretation from whichever Amazon device is closest to the user.

Control4 is becoming a trendsetter in the home automation world. Its ease of use and compatibility with thousands of smart enabled devices sets itself above the competition. The system feels and acts like a truly high-end product.

Control4 with Alexa – Voice Enabled Home Automation

amazon control4

What happens when these two systems coincide? A whole lot of functionality with single voice commands and ‘scenes’ emerge.

Just say, “Alexa, I’m home” after coming home from work. The lights come on, thermostat raise

s, radio turns on, shades lift up, all from a single voice input. Alternatively, when leaving the house say, “Alexa, I’m going to work.” All the lights turn off, the doors lock, the garage door opens, shades go down, thermostat lowers, and the security system arms. It’s that simple!

Users can have a multitude of ‘scenes’ to engage a specific mood or activity. One could get creative as for how to set different scenes to their liking. For example, a “studying” scene could dim the lights, turn on a lamp, and start playing smooth jazz from the speakers in only the office, or study.

How does one add the funtionality of Control4 with Alexa?

The interaction with Alexa and Control4 comes with using an Amazon voice-enabled device such as the Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot, Amazon Tap, and Amazon Fire TV. I highly recommend the Amazon Echo for home integration with Control4 due to its simplicity and speaker for feedback from Alexa. For greater coverage in a home to pick up voice commands, multiple Amazon Dots can be added to the network seamlessly.

Amazon’s brilliant Alexa voice control should become the next automatic extension for any home with a Control4 system.

“Controlling smart home devices using voice is one of the most popular features of Alexa, which is why we’re especially pleased to be working with Control4,”  Charlie Kindel, Director, Amazon Alexa Smart Home.

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