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Control4 is a high-end smart home platform that requires a dealer (like us!) to install, setup, configure, and maintain. The systems are fairly complex, but with the endless customization options available, it is 100% worth it. No off the shelf solution even comes close. However, the biggest drawback is having the ability to modify or add any part to the system on your own without either going through several hours of software training or having your Control4 integrator accomplish it for you. Some people would like an easier way, especially for small, minor changes to the system. Now they have! Control4 Programming for Home Users:

The DIY smart home scene has grown tremendously in the past few years. It can be sometimes tricky to get it all working cohesively, while all the programming is left up to the end user. The complete DIY solution is at one end of the spectrum; it is all about giving the user modification abilities while keeping costs relatively low. An automated solution like Control4’s is the other side – higher costs but with a complete feature set to have every smart function integrated into a central interface. It used to be you couldn’t have both insanely high feature set, along with easy customization, but Control4 has pioneered the means.

For Control4’s 4Sight subscribers, they can now access all-new easy-to-use automation controls directly online for their home. Now, users have the option of either calling for a smart integration technician, or they can just do it themselves. The new web interface can be accessed and works great on either PC or mobile device. No special software is required, and the only programming knowledge needed is basic logic. It should be straight forward to the point that anyone should be able to create a room scene, modify sequences, and so on.

Similar to existing logic from IoT devices IFTTT statements, Control4 has devised an even easier “When >> Then” rules engine. With over 10,000 supported devices in the Control4 library, users should be able to dictate exactly what they want their automation to do. Programming new devices just became a hobby instead of a hassle!

Along with this software update for the new rules engine, Control4 is adding a new intercom app for answering video calls from door cameras, an easier access to instant controls such as lights and locks, and finally from high demand, streaming Spotify and iHeartRadio over the network is now possible.


Control 4 Explains How to Utilize WHEN >> THEN

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