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Audience engagement is crucial for successful presentations. Biamp Crowd Mics reduces the time it takes to use a wireless microphone to hear questions and comments from the audience. Crowd Mics is an innovative system that lets users utilize their smartphones or tablets like a personal microphone. It also has an interactive response system so event attendees and facilitators can communicate directly.

The system is designed for presentations, lectures, panel discussions and other events with a presenter and audience. Biamp Crowd Mics is hosted on the ATOM, a hardware device that accommodates up to 1,000 users. ATOM directly connects to an audio system by USB or audio inputs. Facilitators can present audio using an HDMI cord and access questions asked and answered by the audience. Additionally, organizations can brand the event by creating a custom logo that appears on the presentation, audience and facilitator display screens.

Download a free iOS or Android App on your phone or tablet to connect to ATOM. This grants you access to the microphone, polling and messaging system. Biamp Crowd Mics facilitators have a separate application with additional features. Using the app, facilitators can choose who speaks next, create polls and display audience comments to the presentation board. Crowd Mics is managed through Biamp’s SageVue monitoring and management platform.

Biamp is one of the leading producers of audio and visual systems. Their products constantly evolve to help people communicate more efficiently. With this intention, the Crowd Mic system allows audience and presenters to connect in a brand new way. Biamp Crowd Mics 1.1 will be available in quarter 3 of 2019 and existing Crowd Mic users can upgrade for free.

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