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The HDMI interface has been around for 15 years now; founded by the Sony Corporation and six other large companies. It’s been a leading standard when it comes to hooking up high definition audio and video components due to its impressive 19 pin array (that’s 19 individual wires) that can carry 4K video signal at 60fps and a 48bit color depth. However, the most significant flaw has always been the cable itself. With a maximum natural distance of about 50 feet, and impossible to self-terminate, it sometimes makes it challenging to run to some places. An HDMI extension greater than 25 feet is often unreliable. HDMI over CAT6 has been an effective workaround for some, but CAT6 cabling and multiple “baluns” can get quite expensive. Enter ANYWIRE.

When the possibilities of signals sent over CATEGORY wire (ethernet) emerged, it sparked the question, “Why not other cable types?” Altinex answered that question with their ANYWIRE system. When they say anywire, they mean ANY WIRE. Coax, speaker wire as thin as 24 gauge, power extension cables, composite, two random cables pulled from the dumpster. A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G! Imagine the hookup possibilities with no loss of signal integrity with the coolest HDMI extension yet.

“Altinex is pleased to announce that we can send 1080p/60 HDMI signal over any type of wire. And when I say any, I mean any. We called this system Anywire.”

On top of that, they also have a dedicated system with using an extension cable where it can transmit the HDMI signal over an extension cable like before, but it can also send the power and IR signals along with the HDMI. A use-case we imagine is a BBQ Sunday, enjoying the beautiful outside, but the game is going to be on soon! Haul a TV outside, run an extension cable from the ANYWIRE transmitter inside the house to a receiver outside, plug the TV’s power and an HDMI cable into the receiver, and ou la! Now grilling burgers doesn’t mean missing out on a second for the big game. It is just that simple.

Smart Homes Inc. was glad to run into these guys during the InfoComm 2017 tradeshow. Contact us to set it all up!

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