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8K resolution TVs are the future of the television watching experience. As technology has gotten more and more advanced, the demand for bigger television screens with clearer pictures has advanced with it. The year 2018 introduced the first year for 8K resolution TV displays and now they are making their way into mainstream society.

What is an 8K Resolution TV?

An 8K TV display contains four times more pixels than 4K images. They measure 7680x4320 pixels which end up equaling about 33,177,600 pixels. The 8K TV earns its name because the images displayed are about 8,000 pixels wide.With the amount of fine details an 8K resolution TV provides, even if you are sitting only a few inches away from your screen, the image will come across as virtually “pixel-less.”  If you invest in an 8K resolution TV, you’ll get the clearest picture you’ve ever seen.

8K Resolution TV and Sports

The biggest benefit to an 8K TV is the enhanced realism experience that it offers. With that feature in mind, the sports-viewing experience will stand to improve a lot with an 8K TV. With the high amount of detail and the quality than an 8K resolution TV provides, sports lovers will find themselves watching their favorite sports teams like they’re actually in the stadium while they’re in the comfort of their home.

Samsung Electronics 8K Resolution TV

Samsung Electronics unveiled their first version of 8K resolution TV displays in August during the IFA 2018 Press Conference. Samsung declared that their new TV display contains authentic 8K Resolution and 8K AI Upscaling features that deliver realistic life-like images and sound quality. Samsung’s 8K resolution TV is called the 8K QLED TV and is available in  four ultra-large screen sizes of 65”, 75”, 82” and 85.” In order to enhance the 8K-quality, the 8K TV contains 8K-ready features including Real 8K Resolution, Q HDR 8K and Quantum Processor 8K. The 8K QLED TV is comprised of 4,000 nit peak brightness and creates 8K quality images. The type of quality allows for an 8K TV to have a display that contains four times more pixels than a 4K UHD TV and 16 times more pixels than a full HD TV. To make the user experience more efficient, Samsung’s 8K resolution TV comes with an additional set of features including One Remote, Ambient Mode, One Visible Connection, SmartThings and Universal Guide.

When they unveiled their new 8K resolution TV, Samsung Electronics said that the 8K QLED TV is just one part of their developed plan to be the visionaries of making their 8K displays the most accurate and life-like screen resolution on the market.

Why You Should Consider an 8k Resolution TV

8K displays have forever changed the way that people will enjoy their television shows and movies. By 2019, the 8K resolution TV is expected to be the go-to technology screen for home theaters. If you’re a cinephile, stop into Smart Homes today where we can help get your home theater set up in preparation for your very own 8K resolution TV to enjoy!

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