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Triad - Custom Speakers | Optimized For Control4 Integration

World-class Audio Without Compromise.
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The Speakers

Engineered for high performance, the Triad custom speakers deliver an outstanding audio experience unlike any other. Handcrafted and custom ordered, the engineers ensure the best possible sound quality for any specification. Crafted from the finest materials in audio technology spawned from years of research and development. The drivers are enclosed in only high-quality wood that delivers sound that is precise and isolated.

Custom Made Just For You

Triad speakers are built-to-order. Combined with craftsmanship and customization, it exceeds the aesthetic expectations for any project. Simply specify a size, match your ideal paint color, and select from over 20 wood and mineral finish options to blend with the decor of your home. There are so many customization options, your options are nearly limitless.

Engaged Home Theater

Be fully immersed in your home entertainment getaway with remarkable sound quality for any size home theater or media room. Triad is also a champion in surround sound innovation by incorporating superior solutions for Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro 3D. Take complete advantage of decades and decades of expertise and have us specify the perfect system for your place.


Triad’s beautifully handcrafted soundbars pair wonderfully with any TV, providing superior sound quality over the built-in speakers. Surprisingly punchy and clear sound; perfect for family rooms and bedrooms. Thanks to it’s high customizability, Triad soundbars are also built-to-order, up to 82” long, with custom paint sample matching and real-wood veneers, creating the perfect soundbar that will looked married with your walls and decor.

Audio In Every Environment

Triad multi-room speakers are spec’d meticulously and assembled to deliver uncompromising sound from the kitchen to the garage. Triad amplifier and speaker combinations are carefully designed to deliver great sound in every outdoor space as well. From a cozy patio to a large estate, listen to your favorite music or audio stream and be completely immersed. Triad’s Ultra-Wide Dispersion drivers ensure sound coverage without loud spots, all while using fewer speakers.

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