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Video Conferencing

Productive Interactions

Advancements in modern technology feature exceptional audio quality, ensuring that every voice is heard with perfect clarity, no matter where you are in the world. Dispel common misunderstandings conveyed through written text by having “face to face” conversations with anyone, anywhere in the world for:

  • Webinars
  • Training and Technical Support
  • Every day meetings
  • Conference Calls
  • Virtual Events
  • Sales reports & more!

Meeting Anywhere

Pull up a seat at a meeting anywhere in the world without missing a beat thanks to professional, high-quality audio and camera technology. Video conference with anyone, anytime, anywhere with feature-rich conferencing, compatible with any device. Smart Homes Smart Offices maintains a competitive edge in an ever-evolving world of technology. We make it easy for you to collaborate in a personal and efficient way through video, voice and content collaboration solutions, providing service to organizations and corporations of all shapes and sizes:

  • Offices
  • Religious buildingsvideo-conferencing-okemos-michigan
  • Educational institutions
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Airports
  • Retail
  • Large Corporations
  • Small businesses

Better Communication

With innovative user experiences, Smart Offices helps your company increase production, provide superior customer service, streamline seamless communication across the board, and so much more. With crystal clear audio and video services, keep your global teams up to date with each other with easy content sharing, and precise integration of popular business tools. We collaborate with global leaders in superior audio and video conferencing systems. Enhanced HD Voice and comprehensive noise blocking features that eliminate background noise, while keeping your call private.

Smart Homes Smart Offices of Michigan, servicing the Greater Lansing area and beyond has made it their priority to bring you the most innovative, streamlined technologies to your home or business. Our team of highly experienced and qualified installers, designers and programmers keeps abreast of the latest, ever-evolving, cutting edge technologies. Our highly skilled team has the expertise to design and install a customized system specific to your needs – whether it’s a retrofit project or new construction. Since 2001 SHSO has focused on bringing quality technology solutions to our customers. Our mission to be the preferred technology company in Michigan guides us in our daily interactions with each other and our customers. Let the Smart Offices team solve your technology problems so you can concentrate on your home or business. 

User-Friendly Features

Smart Offices wants to make it easy for you to collaborate and understands that the business world is fast paced and users don’t always have time to learn yet another interface. Many conferencing systems allow you to use your own device to connect for easy sharing.

  • Engage a virtually global audience face to face conferencing with HD video and voice.
  • Give a hands-on demonstration to bring content to life.
  • Collaborate, Annotate and Whiteboard, even on mobile devices.
  • Conduct a truly interactive discussion with a small group, panel, or entire company.
  • Include 100 simultaneous video participants or 1000 simultaneous webinar viewers.
  • Provide high-quality desktop and application sharing, even on mobile devices.
  • Share computer audio during screen sharing and conferencing.
  • Deliver compatibility with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and H.323/SIP room systems.

Exceptional Products

One product we use for audio & video conferencing needs is Polycom which offers the world’s first smart hub for group collaboration, RealPresence Trio 8800.

With a modular design and priced for mass deployment, RealPresence Trio is perfect for any size team or corporation. RealPresence Trio features exceptional audio quality, ensuring that every voice is heard with perfect clarity, no matter where you are in the world. Dispel common misunderstandings conveyed through written text by having “face to face” conversations with anyone, anywhere in the world.  Eliminate distractions commonly found in conference calls with Polycom’s exclusive NoiseBlock technology.

Polycom wants to make it easy for you to collaborate and understands that the business world is fast-paced and users don’t always have time to learn yet another interface. That’s why RealPresence Trio supports familiar interfaces for easy content sharing. RealPresence Trio is the only smart hub on the market that allows you to pair it with your own device so you can access the virtual ecosystem from anywhere.

Sometimes the best ideas are spur of the moment ideas and Polycom technology allows you to share your ideas instantly and simply in or out of a conference call.

Other features of the RealPresence Trio smart hub:

  • Advanced call handling, security, and provisioning features (H.264 AVC, High Profile, Lync Basic SVC)
  • Effortless pairing for audio over USB (wired), Bluetooth, NFC (wireless) and IP using PC-based soft clients, personal contacts or joining calendared events
  • One-step-to-join meeting experience through calendar integration
  • Broad Open SIP call platform for interoperability with most major platforms including Skype for Business, Lync, and RealPresence Platform
  • The industry’s only bass reflex port in a group audio conferencing solution, preserving the ability to hear lower frequency sound and rich multi-media audio
  • 360 ° microphone coverage and up to 20-foot (6-meters) microphone pickup. Easily extend the reach with optional expansion microphones
  • Local 5-way HD Voice conference
  • 5” LCD, color touchscreen display, smooth, responsive and intuitive
  • Secure Wi-Fi network connectivity or Gigabit Ethernet network connectivity
  • Built-in Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Crestron RL™

Crestron RL is based on Microsoft Lync® 2013, the popular and powerful server-based application that many companies use on a daily basis for their conferencing, communication and productivity needs. Lync enables video, voice, interactive content sharing, presence and chat from personal devices, such as a tablet or laptop. Crestron RL brings Lync from the desktop to the conference room. In addition, Crestron RL links to all systems in the room and gives users control of the entire room from the same touch screen.

With one touch of a button, anyone can walk into a conference room and instantly start a collaboration session. Users can share desktops with local and remote participants; view and annotate over Microsoft PowerPoint® or interactive whiteboard remotely or locally using the 65″ touch display(s) supplied.

Only Crestron RL is designed to integrate seamlessly with all other Crestron enterprise control solutions and products to offer a complete room solution. A scheduling touch screen can be placed outside the room so users can see current room availability and meeting details, and even book meetings on the fly.

Crestron RL is completely scalable, offering a single display option for executive offices, small to medium conference rooms, and huddle rooms, and a dual display system for medium to large conference rooms. Customers can tailor their Crestron RL system to fit their needs perfectly with optional accessories such as the mobile cart, table speaker and/or 360° HD camera, microphone, and speaker. The camera provides many conferencing benefits including a panoramic view of the entire room, as well as an “active speaker” view that automatically tracks the flow of the conversation and focuses on the person currently speaking. The integrated microphones and speaker provide enhanced voice performance. A complete list of the new optional displays, cameras, microphones, and more, available for use with Crestron RL, can be found online at Crestron RL.

Attendees will have numerous opportunities to see Crestron RL in action. The system will be in use at presentations around the conference, including at Crestron (booth # 1039) and Microsoft and Polycom® partner locations.

Crestron Smart Space™

Crestron recently launched a complete solution for HD conferencing using Cisco infrastructure. Crestron Smart Space is a multi-person, multi-display solution that delivers advanced enterprise-wide communication and HD video conferencing.

Developed by Crestron and Cisco to be a complete, open architecture conferencing and infrastructure solution, Smart Space includes everything you need: all-in-one AV switcher with control system, touch screen, codec, cameras, DSP, system design and programming. Smart Space leverages an organization’s existing infrastructure, making it easy and cost effective to integrate, manage and maintain the system.

With pre-engineered programming and a standard interface from room-to-room, Smart Space offers a consistent user experience across multiple collaborative environments. Smart Space is also scalable to allow remote management, maintenance.

Crestron AirMedia™

Crestron AirMedia is a new wireless HD presentation, collaboration and content-sharing platform for small to mid-sized organizations. With AirMedia, anyone can walk into a room and wirelessly present PowerPoint, Excel®, Word and PDF documents, as well as photos, from their personal iOS® or Android™ mobile device on the room display. MacBook® and PC laptops can be connected seamlessly, as well, making presentations from almost any device fast and easy. AirMedia offers simple plug-and-play installation and integrates with Crestron DigitalMedia, control systems, and capture devices as part of a complete enterprise-wide AV distribution solution.

Crestron FlipTops™

The newest family of configurable Crestron FlipTops redefines collaboration and conference room control and cable management. Recessed in any conference room table or lectern, FlipTops provide a sleek, hidden solution for accessing cables, connectors, power outlets and room control systems. Available in black anodized or brushed aluminum finishes, FlipTops offer a clean look that complements the décor of the finest conference tables and lecterns.

FlipTops feature a hidden connection compartment that keeps interface cables and connectors stored and at the ready for plugging in laptops, mobile devices, AV sources, and other equipment. FlipTops can be configured to provide the most common cabling and connection options required in today’s collaborative meeting spaces, including HDMI®, RJ45, DisplayPort, USB, and RCA. They are available with a universal power outlet for charging laptops and other personal devices.

Crestron Connect It™

Crestron Connect It (TT-100) is a cost-effective, simple-to-use presentation interface that makes it easy for anyone to enter a room, plug in their laptop or mobile device and begin presenting or conferencing immediately, making collaboration easy across enterprises, without additional support or training required by the IT staff.

A Connect It interface can be installed at every seat for natural, free-flowing collaboration and switching among participants in any size collaboration area.

Connect It cleanly stores HDMI, VGA, audio and Ethernet cables in a stylish compartment. Connect directly to the display for simple, reliable presentation. Instead of running all the wires to the display, connect to Crestron DigitalMedia at the table. Transmit HDMI, VGA, and audio long distance over a single CAT5E, and get added control and automation. The “show me” buttons offer intuitive control of the presentation. When the button is blue, it means you’re connected and ready to present. Press the button. Green means you’re live. It’s that easy.

Commercial Audio & Video

Commercial AV For The Smarter Business

Video Conferencing & Video Walls

Control a wall of TVs or just one with a single remote or tablet device. Amazing 90” TVs are replacing projection systems, maximizing the viewing experience while eliminating the expense and headaches of additional components.

Commercial Audio Systems

Control sound in any room or zone, from any device. Installed room speakers, wireless microphones, and intercoms from Smart Offices can maximize your business's overall performance and optimizes employee efficiency.

Digital Signage

Move beyond the world of paper menus, cardboard signs, posters, chalkboards and flyers. Digital signage technology has evolved past static image displays such as the use of OLED, sliding images, video, logo placement, and much more!

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