Control Systems


Each of these automation and control systems do some of the SAME things – but all systems do not do ALL of the same things! That is why Smart Homes has factory trained specialists to engineer, install, program and service the 4 main players in the marketplace. We are the only Michigan automation company with the expertise and capabilities to design and install the best system for your particular needs and desires!

Smart Home Solutions

Automate Your Life

Home Video

Smart Home video is more than just a Smart TV. Imagine from a single control unit, whether it’s a wall mounted touch display or even your smart phone, to control every display in your house from using your custom home theater to video intercoms.

Home Audio

Audio control has never been better. Push audio from any source to any speaker, room, or the entire house (including the yard) and from any source such as streaming, home server, smartphone, as well traditional turntables or CD players.

Home Automation

Home automation gives you the ultimate comfort and peace of mind while at home or even away. Monitor locks, security, automate shades & lighting, and adjust the climate of your home with or without even touching the controls.

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