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Voice Over Internet Protocol

Voice Over Internet Protocol

Expect more from your phone system

Simple. Flexible. Cost Effective

Simple – Place phone calls over the internet with Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service. Set-up is fast and easy and typically your current broadband solution will supply enough bandwidth to support both your phone and internet activity without slowing down your network.  You can also keep your existing number and have your phone calls routed to it, so there is no hassle with changing your phone number.

Flexible – Whether you’re at your desk or on the road, VoIP lets you keep in touch with your home, office, employees or customers.  Forward your voicemail to any email address and re-route calls to your cell phone. Schedule your own business hours with a virtual extension that can be programmed to ring through all your phones, or specific lines. VoIP handles all your outgoing or incoming calls no matter where you are, in the car, at the airport, at the office or at home.

Cost Effective – Eliminate cost centers and increase efficiency.  With VoIP, you can transmit phone calls over a data network instead of a traditional telephone line with costly local and long-distance phone plans.  Let us analyze your current phone bill and show you how much you could be saving with VoIP. Hopefully you will be able to do away with your phone bill altogether and simply make all your calls through your network.


VoIP phone systems come with multiple features that exceed most regular phone systems including caller ID, call waiting, repeat dial, three-way calling, and optional advanced features as well. Our Smart Homes Smart Offices staff would love to set you up with a VoIP phone system that meets all your needs and requirements.

Smart Offices will:

  • Evaluate your Internet connection to ensure that your bandwidth capacity is strong enough for a VoIP system. If not, we will help you upgrade your Internet to the appropriate bandwidth.
  • Evaluate your company budget and needs to make sure that you get set up with a VoIP system that perfectly suits your business.
  • Determine your equipment needs by helping you decide which options are immediate requirements and which ones can be added at a future date
  • Compare VoIP Providers by taking into consideration what features are important to you and what equipment will work best for your company, Smart Offices does the research for you. We will save you the stress and time of doing it yourself, ensuring that you get the right VoIP service.

Premium Options

Different VoIP services offer different options but many of these are available depending on what service you choose.

Premium options can include:

  • Auto Receptionist. This feature provides you with a virtual receptionist that is automated and available 24/7. This exceptional option can answer your phone line, provide information to callers and transfer them to extensions via menu options.
  • Business SMS that allows you to direct text messages to your employees, clients, or associates.
  • Call Recording is another premium feature that supports your liability risks but allowing recording of important calls for future playback and reference. Use on selected extensions or the entire system.
  • And so much more. Contact us today to find out how an exceptional VoIP phone service can benefit your company!

Here at Smart Homes Smart Offices we realize that because each business and home is unique, you need a solution that is right for you. Therefore, you can pick from a wide variety of VoIP phone systems and features. Whether you’re looking for a complete overhaul of your current phone system or a simple solution that will integrate seamlessly with an existing one, our team will help you find a solution that suits you and your budget.

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