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Disaster Recovery

Is Your Data Really Backed Up?

Your data, whether it be personal or business, is vital to your company’s survival. A comprehensive but affordable data backup solution, and computer disaster recovery is more accessible than you think! Data loss can occur during any number of unforeseen disasters such as flood, fire, storm, criminal attack or power outages. Many companies have a form of disaster recovery solutions in place already, but have you tried and tested it to make sure it’s completely backing up and recovering your system?

Be Prepared

Good disaster preparedness is far more than just a backup of data. It’s the ability to failover or switch to a redundant or standby computer server, system, hardware component, or network, to another location, far from your home base, rapidly and with limited or no interruption in service. It is also more than the technology – it’s the process of pulling the trigger, failing over, and then failing back when appropriate. Smart Offices takes your business into careful consideration, assessing how your business would be affected by the loss of data, and developing a plan to not only back up your data but to ensure safety and the ability to quickly get back up and running after a system failure, with little interruption to your business.

Encrypted Backup & Storage

  • Utilizes 448-bit encryption–more than double the industry standard
  • Encrypts data at all stages of transfer–both before initiating transfer and while being transferred over the internet
  • Ensuring your data remains encrypted. Once updated, your data is always live and always backed up.
  • Unmatched in security.  Servers are located in an environmentally controlled facility that is physically staffed 24-7, with multiple levels of security. Multiple fiber connections to the Internet backbone. Server, firewall and service monitoring 24/7

Our versioning and archiving capabilities also allow you to:

  • Maintain multiple copies of files.
  • Retrieve old copies of files and recover overwritten copies as well
  • Rest assured your information is backed up
  • Quickly retrieve your information
  • Information is backed up on a bit level, reducing the overall backup time and saving space.
  • Expand as needed. Versioning and Archiving capabilities are limited only by space.
  • Upgrade to a system that allows for automatic and continual backup.
  • Reduce the possibility of liability risks by completely protecting your client’s data.

Affordable Solutions

The importance of ensuring the smooth continuance of your IT operations and services and its rapid recovery in case of an emergency is continually increasing. Still, good disaster recovery can’t break the bank. Like any insurance policy, it should be cost-effective enough to establish, test and, in the case of emergency, to pull the trigger. Insurance isn’t any good if you can’t rapidly and confidently make the decision to use it. With the advent of the cloud, Smart Offices offers comprehensive disaster recovery that is within reach of any organization and budget. A system failure does not have to be a disaster. Don’t let one slow your business down. Contact Smart Offices today for a free consultation to discuss affordable and reliable disaster recovery and data backup solutions.

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