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Cloud Storage

Why Cloud Storage?

With the exponential rise in digital data, such as documents and photos, more and more users are using cloud storage services, especially for personal use. If you already use solutions such as DropBox, Google Drive and Sky Drive, then you are already familiar with cloud storage. Cloud storage offers a secure place for your data that can be accessed from anywhere. It allows for secure data syncing and sharing from multiple devices. Online Cloud Storage gives you complete control over every critical document

Did you know there also cloud storage solutions for businesses? Cloud storage needs are as varied as all the businesses out there. With so many options it could be confusing finding the best cloud storage to fit your needs and budget.

Is it important?

Yes! We can not stress enough how important it is to not only have storage for your data, but secure data that has iron-clad security for your most important information. Cloud Storage empowers you with the ability to decide who you share each file with, gives you peace of mind with encrypted data services, and takes the stress away of having to search through all your files. In this new era of technology, good communication systems are key to running a business smoothly. Cloud Storage allows for effortless collaboration as employees can easily retrieve files or documents you share with them, for editing, proofing, or downloading, which in turn saves time and cuts down on paper usage.
With the right cloud storage for your business you can:

  • Easily and quickly access your files from anywhere across multiple devices
  • Share your documents easily, with employees or even clients
  • Keep your files safe and secure.
  • Utilize affordable options no matter what how small or large your business is
  • Sort and organize into folders for effortless retrieval
  • Protect critical information
  • Recover lost information

Cloud Storage Solutions

Smart Services Cloud Storage offers a variety of customized file management solutions that will help you move beyond thinking of your IT infrastructure as just another cost center to seeing it as a real asset. Cloud based file management allows you to offload the cost of hosting and maintaining a virtual private network (VPN) or file server. Our team of experts will help you find the right solution to help you improve access to data, increase productivity and simplify your IT processes. Whether you’re an organization of 1-2 people or multiple divisions of 20,000 plus employees, cloud file-sharing platforms offer customizable solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Whatever your need, our Smart Cloud experts can design, build and manage an efficient, collaborative and flexible workplace for the technology users in your organization. We also offer Public, Private and Cloud Storage options to manage your data and keep it backed up at all times and PC Leasing to help keep costs down and productivity high. See why so many of our customers have come to trust us with their IT infrastructure needs. Call for your free IT audit today.

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