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Soundtube – Lansing, MI

SoundTube combines sleek, remarkable design with unmatched sound,

As a business owner, you have enough on your plate without having to worry about the technology side of business operations, yet technology is becoming increasingly necessary to make your business efficient and productive while cutting costs. Smart Offices uses multiple commercial audio systems to help you achieve those goals.

• Conference room system
• Multi-room intercom
• Overhead paging system
• Commercial sound system
• Presentation system

We make sure your office has the latest technology to help your business perform at its full potential with the highest quality products, and high tech systems while staying within your budget. No more lost connections, incompatible hardware, visible jumbled wires, and complicated presentation systems.

From their innovative cylindrical structures to the sleek modern designs, SoundTube Entertainment has been set apart in the commercial sound industry for over 17 years by manufacturing affordable, high quality, aesthetically pleasing speakers.
SoundTube Entertainment specializes in open-ceiling, in-ceiling, surface-mount, outdoor and sound-focusing speaker systems that address the unique performance needs of a commercial setting.

SoundTube’s mission to steadily set new standards for quality, innovative and valuable products pushes their company forward to bigger and better things. They celebrate creativity and relish in developing new technology. SoundTube sets the standard for full-frequency sound dispersion through proprietary technologies such as BroadBeam®, leading the industry in performance, installation ease, style, and value.

SoundTube’s LAPS (Line Array-Point Source) technology makes the near-field shorter than most other line arrays. Because its effective line length is kept relatively constant as a function of frequency, the near-field to far-field transition occurs at only 3 meters from the speaker. Beyond this distance, there is no change in the frequency response or the directivity pattern of the speaker (40 x 120 degrees)

The SoundTube ST-NET system is an IP-addressable speaker system with proprietary 40 watts PoE (Power over Ethernet) to each of its speakers. Addressed through Ethernet cable and individually set up and equalized, the IP system is compatible with any CobraNet®-enabled system and offers easy system wiring with Cat5/6 between the switch, the speakers, and all other endpoints

SoundTube combines sleek, remarkable design with unmatched sound, that are created to look as good as they sound. SoundTube offers a full line of loudspeakers for almost any commercial audio need, from paging to background music, sound focusing, foreground music and more. SoundTube offers more coverage over larger areas than any other conventional speakers, without compromising the crystal clear sound, while still maintaining their affordability.

SoundTube speakers are compatible with almost every commercial application out there, meaning that SoundTube speakers can be easily integrated into your current system, or easily updated after installation.

Smart Homes Smart Offices of Michigan, servicing the Greater Lansing area and beyond has made it their priority to bring you the most innovative, streamlined technologies to your home or business. Our team of highly experienced and qualified installers, designers, and programmers maintain the latest, ever-evolving, cutting edge technologies. Our highly skilled team has the expertise to design and install a customized system specific to your needs – whether it’s a retrofit project or new construction.

Since 2001 SHSO has focused on bringing quality technology solutions to our customers. Our mission to be the preferred technology company in Michigan guides us in our daily interactions with each other and our customers. Let the Smart Offices team solve your technology problems so you can concentrate on your home or business.

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