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Soundcast – Lansing, MI

a mission to develop and create reliable, affordable, high performing wireless audio products

Soundcast was launched in the early 2000’s with the mission to develop and create reliable, affordable, high-performing wireless audio products. In 2006 Soundcast released the innovate OutCast series, changing the face of portable music systems. Soundcast specializes in high-performance wireless audio solutions that deliver unprecedented sound quality and portability. Bluetooth-enabled, portable and weather-resistant, Soundcast’s speakers deliver incredible sound quality in a unique design.

With six unique designs and capabilities, you can find a wireless speaker for any occasion.


Powerful amplifiers drive eight speakers to reproduce music with crystal clear detail and precise tonal balance that will put your indoor system to shame. With a 20-hour rechargeable battery, and weather resistant design you can broadcast your music almost anywhere.

OutCast Jr.

A compact version of the OutCast, it still delivers exceptional sound while being weather resistant. OutCast Jr. features 360 º sound and a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 15 hours allowing you to take it anywhere, the beach, camping, boating, and more!


This top selling Soundcast speaker is also weather resistant and wireless, releasing deep, crystal clear sound in unlimited directions. Use it throughout your house, backyard, patio or event. This powerful component reaches a range of up to 300 feet, and the impressive wireless capabilities can transmit through walls, floors, and ceilings effortlessly without compromising the sound.


Provides long range transmission to OutCast speakers, adding 300 feet of wireless audio transmission from your computer or entertainment center. The UAT is easily installed and requires no drivers or software, simply plug and play! The UAT is effortlessly integrated with MAC, PC, TV’s, cable boxes, and DVD players.


A charging dock for your iPhone or iPod that allows you to stream music to an OutCast speaker from up to 300 feet away, while simultaneously charging your device. The iCast is also compatible with whole house audio systems making it easy for you to stream your music wherever you’d like!


A device that allows you to convert any subwoofer to wireless to get that deep, ground-shaking bass you crave. The SubCast requires no software or drivers to install, you can simply plug and play to get wireless sound.

Soundcast also offers many accessories including replacement batteries, power cords, and car adapters to easily charge your SoundCast speakers.

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