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Panamax – Lansing, MI

Since 1975, Panamax has been #1 in the development and introduction of innovative products and services.

Since 1975 Panamax has been America’s distinguished designer and manufacturer of electronic and electrical protection, filtration and control products. Panamax is leading the world with their innovative solutions to power disturbance, with their quality and vast array of products.  Panamax provides a Lifetime Warranty on almost all of their products, and offers a Connected Equipment Protection Policy.

Panamax obtained Furman Sound in 2006, and together these companies provide power management solutions for different purposes. Furman focused on power management for the professional music industry, while Panamax focused on surge protection products for industrial and commercial applications. Together, they have moved forward into power management for home theaters while still focusing on their respective markets and technologies.
Panamax offers A/V Components, In-Wall, Floor Models, Battery Backup, and more.

A/V Components
These power management components are essential for any home theater looking for the best sound and picture from all your devices, and AC voltage irregularities and surge protection.

Panamax offers Max-In-Wall products that provide protection and/or extension, allowing you to pair Panamax components and/or multimedia devices, including plasma monitors, LCD’s and projectors.

Floor Models
These innovative floor models offer Panamax’s standard level of protection and noise filtration, convenient for an array of applications.

Battery Backup 
Panamax’s line of UPS products are created to precisely integrate with today’s home theater systems. This product provides the ideal power management solution for the home theater, including protection against typical power fluctuations, temporary loss of power, extreme over-voltages, or total system blackouts.  Panamax Battery Backup provides data protection for processors and hard drives.

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