For over 20 years NVIDIA has been creating visual computing, the art and science of computer graphics. Their products continue to expand, providing optimal visual solutions for video games, movie production, product design, medical diagnosis and scientific research.

NVIDIA offers many high end products for audio and visual processing including graphics boards and cards that are powerful in delivering crystal clear images to monitors and digital signage.

A graphics card is a small piece of computer hardware that produces the image you see on a monitor. The graphics card renders an image to your monitor by converting data into a signal your monitor can read.


Graphic Cards

  • An integrated graphic card is built into the motherboard where no additional card is used. Integrated graphic cards can be found in most standard laptops and computers; they are affordable but are not easily upgraded.
  • Discrete graphic cards are installed on to the motherboard as an additional component. This is optimal for those that want to upgrade their graphic card and make modifications to their system.

Integrated graphics are fine for people that use computers for surfing the internet, creating documents or watching movies. But for users who need more from their computer or monitor, for those that do a lot of video editing, displays and gaming, a discrete graphics card is ideal for faster image processing time. Without this a user may find their programs lagging, or trembling visual images.


NVIDIA Graphics Solutions

  • NVS 810 Graphic Card allows you to flawlessly drive up to 8 displays from a single card, or you can combine several cards together to form gigantic digital signage walls. The NVS 810 offers eight display outputs in a single slot form factor. This is perfect for substantial, affordable signage solutions. It also has superior reliable capability that is necessary to display demanding content in mission-critical situations.
  • NVS 510 Dynamic and competent this super fast 2GB card features on board memory to efficiently drive up to 4 displays for a variety of businesses and environments. NVS 510 supports advanced DP 1.2 features and 4k resolutions.
  • NVS 310 and 315 are more flexible and energy efficient solutions with either 512 MB or 1024 MB board memory, offering connectivity for up to 2 displays.



NVIDIA® NVS™  innovative graphics boards provides you with everything you need to drive various multi-display installation for your home or business. From desktop multiple displays to

breathtaking digital signage and wall displays, NVS products have superior capabilities to suit the needs of any size business. NVS boards offer you spectacular flexibility, no matter how your display is connected, or the size of your system unit. This combination of hardware and software drives all your display ports, DVI, and VGA displays with accuracy and reliability.

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