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Marantz – Lansing, MI

You'll experience a whole new world of audio with Marantz.

Smart Homes Smart Offices of Lansing, Michigan is a proud partner with Marantz Acoustical Sound Solutions. Founded in the 1950’s by an innovative musician, Saul Marantz, Marantz acoustical sound solutions rose to the top to become known as the world’s best in home entertainment. You’ll experience a whole new world of audio with the ultimate surround processor/pre-am/tuner in home theater enjoyment. Combining DSP and DAC technologies with signature Marantz technologies such as HDAM and current feedback.

Experience the ultimate cinematic surround sound with Dolby Atmos®, the best surround sound system every created. Dolby Atmos® features object-based soundspace creation and reproduction, and is able to place sound elements with accurate precision through front, side, overhead, and surround speakers. Featuring many built-in network components, like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity, and works seamlessly with streaming services such as Pandora®, SiriusXM™ and Spotify Connect®.

Dolby Atmos was first introduced in premier movie theaters in 2012, but has quickly been brought into the home theater experience to provide consumers with optimum surround sound system solutions. Dolby Atmos technology envelopes and immerses you with multi-dimensional sound, through overhead loudspeakers that can be individually accessed for precise acoustical imaging inside each room. Dolby Atmos is preferred among directors, sound designers, mixers, and blockbuster movie soundtracks.

Marantz brings home the Dolby Atmos experience with audio systems featuring outputs that are configured with 1 or 2 pairs of overhead speakers, with the ability to add-on speaker modules. Deliver three-dimensional experience with your favorite movies and concerts with the Atmos decoder, featuring up-conversion from traditional surround soundtracks.
Provide your home theater with next generation three-dimensional audio, offering a realistic sound experience unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Auro-3D® fully immerses the listener into a cocoon of crystal-clear, life like sound.

Marantz solutions is easily and seamlessly integrated to your smartphone, tablet or portable music player, with built in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities. Effortlessly stream your favorite audio tracks. Some Marantz solutions are also equipped with Apple AirPlay®, so you can stream wirelessly from your iPod touch®, iPhone® and iPad®. You can also operate your Marantz sound solutions via the Marantz app, for iOS or Android, or via a web browser, even when you’re not home. Marantz, along with their parent company, D+M Group, have made the Marantz experience easier for consumers by integrating Crestron technologies to many of it’s AVR’s and preamplifiers. This technology is easily downloaded in a free online software update with certain models.

Smart Homes Smart Offices of Michigan, servicing the Greater Lansing area and beyond has made it their priority to bring you the most innovative, streamlined technologies to your home or business. Our team of highly experienced and qualified installers, designers and programmers keeps abreast of the latest, ever-evolving, cutting edge technologies. Our highly skilled team has the expertise to design and install a customized system specific to your needs – whether it’s a retrofit project or new construction.
Since 2001 SHSO has focused on bringing quality technology solutions to our customers. Our mission to be the preferred technology company in Michigan guides us in our daily interactions with each other and our customers. Let the Smart Offices team solve your technology problems so you can concentrate on your home or business.

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