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Kaleidescape – Lansing, MI

Kaleidescape provides optimal ways for users to discover, create and share cinematic experiences.

Kaleidescape combines all your movies, whether digital or disc, into one integrated, beautifully designed layout that allows for effortless access to all your favorite movies and shows. Kaleidescape lets you instantly watch your favorite and most memorable scenes from movies, concerts, and musicals. Watch a montage of the best action packed scenes, or let your child watch their favorite scene or song over and over without having to rewind it. An experience so individually unique that the way you watch movies and entertain will forever be changed.

Whether you go with the Encore or Premier system, their systems are a perfect fit for your home. For over 10 years, Kaleidescape has been providing the optimal way for families to discover, create, and share stunning cinematic opportunities. Using a marvelously designed onscreen user interface, choosing the right movie has never been easier.

The Encore System
Kaleidescape’s Encore system is perfect for our clients that want to experience movies in the finest available quality, or for 4K Ultra HD video. Encore systems can be scaled to fit any size of home and movie collection. Encore systems are best matched with large 4K Ultra HD TVs and projectors and for updated AV control systems.

Kaleidescape’s Strato is one of the best 4K Ultra HD high-dynamic range movie players on the market today. Strato plays movies at up to 60 frames per second, reducing buffering messages, and startup delays. They eliminate many common quality issues found with many streaming systems. Strato works with a number of multichannel audio systems. The Strato system can be bought with or without an internal hard drive with which to store your movies.

Whether you want to stream or store your media, Kaleidescape has many choices to suit your needs.

The Premier System 
The Premier System is designed to bring you the ultimate home theater experience. With cutting edge designs of enterprise-grade components, and simultaneous playback of Blu-ray quality movies, you can stream your movies through large homes and yachts. Bring together your design dreams and your thirst for entertainment by delivering an incredible theater experience in your favorite space. The Kaleidescape Premier System effortlessly stores and organizes thousands of movies. Don’t waste your time digging through mountains of messy DVD cases trying to find the perfect movie for movie night. Your collection can be viewed on a breathtaking and intuitive interface, organized by genre, director, actor and more. Can’t decide on a movie from your own collection? You can download Blu-ray quality movies from the Kaleidescape movie store as well.
With the Premiere system, your options are limitless.  You can add players to as many rooms in your home as you want, and each one can access your entire movie collection. With intelligent capabilities the system allows you to start a show in one room and continue it in another.
Kaleidescape offers many more options for the optimal home theater or movie viewing systems.

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