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Draper – Spiceland, IN

Since 1902 Draper has been providing superior window shades and more.


Luther Draper founded Draper, Inc. in 1902 to provide window shades for schools, and this was their primary product for 60 years. Eventually Draper, Inc. secured a patent for affordable projection screens, thus making a name for themselves in the screen business. Now, the projection screen is their primary product, though they still manufacture window shades, video audio displays, and gymnasium equipment.

Projection Screens  
Draper has an automated capable screen for any size room whether you need wall mounted, ceiling mounted, ceiling recessed, tab-tensioned or no-tab tensioned projection screen. Electric screens can be coupled with the best control option, providing you with an excellent product that will perform precisely every time.
Electric screens, manual screens, portable screens and fixed screens come in a variety of sizes, color and can be matched to your room’s décor:

  • Artisan series compliments the decor in your conference room
  • Silhouette Series features sleek dimensions and contemporary designs
  • Premier Series for ceiling or wall installation with match black end caps
  • Paragon Series is a heavy duty, quietly operated screen for auditoriums and lecture halls.

Window Shades 
Save energy without giving up the stylish atmosphere of your unique space. As we move forward to a more environmentally aware planet, utilizing the most of our daylight not only saves energy, but can improve the mood and quality of any room.
Innovative shading systems provide precision lighting control, coupled with beautiful fabric options and innovative technology without changing the design and aesthetics of your business.

Managing your energy has never been easier, with a host of convenient systems such as motion sensors, keypads, remote controls, wireless tabletop controls, or set to a timer for automatic adjustment of your window treatments and lighting. Save money by only having the lights on when needed, and program them to turn off when they aren’t required. Take advantage of natural daylight with smart shades that allow daylight to enter, while keeping the elements out.

Draper’s FlexShade motorized window shades reflect light and heat from the sun, and automatically adjust to the day’s lighting changes. Each shade can be custom made to your specifications, whether it be fabric, hardware or operating mechanisms. Draper manufactures each unit for a precise fit. Whether you’re looking for soft, translucent fabrics, or opaque fabrics to keep out light, Draper’s vast selection of fabric colors and styles will appeal to the designer in you.

Video Conferencing
Pull up a seat at a meeting anywhere in the world without having to get on a plane, or traveling hours in a car. Video or audio conference with anyone, anytime, anywhere with feature-rich conferencing, compatible with any device.
Smart Homes Smart Offices, servicing Michigan, maintains a competitive edge in an ever-evolving world of technology. We make it easy for you to collaborate in a personal and efficient way through video, voice and content collaboration solutions, providing service to organizations and corporations of all shapes and sizes.

Working with Draper’s exceptional video conferencing accessories helps us provide to our customer an effortless and efficient conference experience. From sophisticated backgrounds, to camera lifts and mounts, to large conferencing screens, and even solutions for hiding your video cameras, Draper’s products will take your video conferences to the next level.
Need a neutral, sophisticated background during your video conferencing calls? Draper offers three unique types of backgrounds: neutral, printed or Chroma Key. These designs allow you to brand your company, hide ugly walls or clutter, and present a uniform appearance to all those with which you are conferencing. Draper’s Chroma Key backgrounds, commonly known as green screen technology, allows you to change the background image, or include live action footage behind you as you speak.

With innovative user experiences, Smart Offices and Draper, Inc. helps your company increase production, provide superior customer service, streamline seamless communication across the board, and so much more.

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