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Channel Vision – Lansing, MI

Channel Vision was founded in 1993 and is among the top companies in custom electronics industry offering:

  • Home Automation
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Structured Wiring
  • Home Intercom Systems
  • IR Remote Control
  • Audio Vision Distribution

Home Intercom Systems 

Channel Vision’s Home Intercom System brings you, the consumer quick access, room-to-room communication and a vast range of features not offered by any other systems. This state-of-the-art technology includes a hands-free remote control to make calls from any room, anywhere in the house.

Channel Vision offers the P-0930 Intercom Hub, that can be seamlessly integrated into most structured wiring enclosures. With a CAT5e connection, the Intercom Hub easily connects to all home intercom stations and front door intercom units.

Channel Vision also offers a front door home intercom system that lets you talk to your visitors at the front door. You can access this feature from any telephone or intercom station in your home. A camera feature can also be added, allowing you to safely see who is at your door before you answer.


Channel Vision’s line of surveillance cameras and video surveillance recording systems include Megapixel IP Cameras, Hi-Resolution Analog Cameras, Network Video Recorders (NVR), Digital Video Recorders (DVR), and Web Servers. Whether you need security and surveillance solutions for residential or commercial applications, with superior image resolution and IR LEDs for night viewing, flexible pan, tilt and zoom functions, Channel Vision has multiple products to suit your needs.

Structured Wiring 

Structured wiring is much like the nervous system for the brain. It’s a network of wires installed throughout the framework of a home or building. This organized layout of wires runs from an enclosure providing audio, video, phone and data to different rooms throughout the building. Channel Vision manufactures the leading structured wiring products, including UL, approved wiring enclosures and push-and-lock modules for video, audio, voice, computer network and power. From pre-configured wall plates to customizable wall plates and connectors, Channel Vision products are backed by a 10 -year warranty.

Audio Video Distribution

Transform your home into a musical retreat with streamed music in each room, and crystal clear surround sound in your home theater. A complete home audio system starts from a centralized audio and video system that broadcasts music and video signals throughout the whole home. Utilizing a central system keeps bulky and ugly equipment hidden, meaning the only components in each room are speakers and TV screens that can be seamlessly integrated with your room design. With intricate balancing and tuning to fit your preferences and top-of-the-line speakers to deliver premium audio, we will ensure that you receive the best possible sound quality for your home audio and theater experience.

Control your music library through a central touchpad remote, tablet, PC or smartphones. Stream music throughout the entire home, and even outdoors. Independent streaming allows home audio systems to play the same music and media in each room, or play different music in each room. So you can be listening to your podcast in the kitchen while you cook dinner, and your children can each be listening to their music in their rooms. So how can streaming media be valuable to you? Well, with media streaming you don’t have to wait for your favorite media content to download. Stream instantly and continuously with video or audio content that is sent over the Internet in compressed form and played immediately.  Streaming will keep down your costs and increase your available space on your servers/desktops as you won’t have to save or download your media content.

With On-Demand audio and video streaming, you can get instant playback, pause, and restart your media whenever you want or need.

Access your home audio system with your:

• iPod
• Radio Tuner
• Internet radio such as Spotify or Pandora
• DVD player
• Cable and more!

You can have your entire media library at your fingertips and stream it in one room or throughout the entire home with the touch of a button.

At Smart Homes, we design every room according to your vision, and our easy-to-use systems minimize frustration and allow you to fully enjoy your rooms.  We only use the very best products on the market and support every custom installation with unparalleled, personalized service to ensure that your new system is everything you want.

Channel Vision’s Speakers include a full line of in-ceiling, outdoor, home theater and in-wall speakers – all finely crafted to provide high-quality sound throughout the Well-Connected Home™.

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