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BIAMP – Lansing, MI

BIAMP designs and manufactures audio systems.

They are a leading international provider of commercial audio components that help manage and enhance sound. They also offer distance conferencing, distance court interpretation, networked paging systems and networked voice evacuation solutions.

Networked Media System
A Networked Media System is audio or video equipment that communicates over an Ethernet network. A network media system is designed to minimize system administration, while expanding your system’s resources. By taking advantage of the existing network for both sound and control signals, a ready-built-path is already in place to send those signals anywhere in the building, producing a superior sound experience for paging, conferencing, and sound strengthening.

The benefits of a NMS are many, a few of them include:

  • Efficiently share processing resources over the network
  • Flexibility to upgrade and make changes as your business grows
  • Easily scale your system into new areas and buildings
  • Less equipment and wires, making installations more viable.
  • Cost Savings through simple system designs, installation and applications

Bringing a fully developed and integrated, high functioning network system engineering plan that drives your business up while lowering your costs is our top priority at Smart Offices. Our Network System Engineering system allows for complete development and upgrades to your current networking infrastructure, while allowing for future network designs as your business expands and your operational needs change.

There are many ways Networked Media Systems can be integrated into your business solutions:

Networked Media Systems can be collaborated with your current VOIP systems, bringing you further signal processing for reliable, echoless audio.

Network Media Systems offers you the capability to broadcast messages in certain zones to address certain audiences. By combining paging with noise compensation, the paging volume automatically adjusts according to the space’s ambient volume.

In today’s world of video conferencing and remote work stations, the pre-defined space is evaporating and instead being replaced with multi-use rooms. Networked Media Systems are capable of supporting these special situations by providing quick and powerful reconfiguration capabilities.

A Networked Media System can assist with environments where the acoustics are hard to control. With fewer cables, and reduced need for manual adjustments, they simplify the sound reinforcement process. A sound reinforcement system is a system of components like microphones, signal processors, amplifiers and loudspeakers that take live or pre-recorded sounds and reinforces them to distribute them to a larger audience.

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