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Barracuda Networks, Inc. is leading the industry in IT solutions

that are designed to be efficient and cost effective, while providing a high level of customer support and satisfaction. Their products cover three categorical markets,
Content Security
Networking and Application Delivery
Data Storage, protection and disaster recovery
Barracuda stays rooted in their foundation of email and web security, while building on their reputation with strategic and dependable storage solutions through hardware, virtual, cloud and mixed form factors.

Data Storage
Today’s workplace is constantly evolving and it needs reliable data backup and storage to keep up with the ever changing pace. Users need a simple and efficient way to access, retain, and share critical data, no matter where they are. CudaDrive provides users with the ability to sync, protect and share file folders, anytime, anywhere, and from any device. We can not stress enough how important it is to not only have storage for your data, but secure data that has iron-clad security for your most important information. Cloud Storage empowers you with the ability to decide who you share each file with, gives you peace of mind with encrypted data services, and takes the stress away of having to search through all your files. In this new era of technology, good communication systems are key to running a business smoothly. Cloud Storage allows for effortless collaboration as employees can easily retrieve files or documents you share with them, for editing, proofing, or downloading, which in turn saves time and cuts down on paper usage.
With the right cloud storage for your business you can:
Easily and quickly access your files from anywhere across multiple devices
Share your documents easily, with employees or even clients
Keep your files safe and secure.
Utilize affordable options no matter what how small or large your business is
Sort and organize into folders for effortless retrieval
Protect critical information
Recover lost information

Web Security 
Navigating the web can be potentially dangerous. Debilitating web-based malware can immobilize a PC or network within seconds. These dangerous viruses can take many billable hours to eradicate, and some are almost impossible to remove.
Barracuda offers a a cloud based web security service that secures your organization’s threat vectors including email, web browsing, mobile devices and remote access. It’s ideal for defending and protecting users on and off your networks, and providing spyware, malware, and virus protection with a strong and capable policy and reporting system. It filters inbound malware and prevents users on your network from accessing compromised or malicious sites.  Barracuda also provides a web filter service to keep your employees off certain sites, such as popular social media sites, therefore increasing productivity levels.
Barracuda Web Security offers:
Security products
Spam Firewall
Email Security Service
Web Filters
Web Security Service
NextGen Firewalls
Web Application Firewall
Barracuda utilizes a constantly changing database to recognize and prohibit access to known sites that host spyware and viruses. It can also detect and protect your PC from previously installed spyware attempting to access the internet. Barracuda web security services blocks the spyware activity and notifies the administrator or user of the impending danger.
Barracuda’s Web Security Services offers dual-layer virus blocking that blocks even the most aggressive of viruses.

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