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Acoustical Solutions – Lansing, MI


Since 1989 Acoustical Solutions has been providing sound proofing products.


Smart Homes Smart Offices of Okemos, Michigan services the Greater Lansing area and beyond, providing technical solutions to the home and business industries. We partner with and utilize many products with various companies. We use research and tried-and-true experience to find the right type of products and technical solutions for each project. We proudly partner with Acoustical Solutions to provide sound solutions to our customers. Acoustical Solutions is a manufacturer and distributor of acoustical and soundproofing products, such as acoustic panels, fabrics, and foams, as well as noise control and sound barrier products.


Why Soundproofing?

Founded in 1989, Acoustical Solutions provides products for any type of soundproofing or acoustics project. What makes them unique in the industry is the ability to solve any echoing issue, from large architectural projects to small soundproofing projects. In large spaces such as gyms or warehouses where there is a lot of action resulting in elevated noise levels, sound absorption and soundproofing solutions keep the noise down. In smaller spaces such as office cubicles and medical offices, soundproofing is essential for privacy and productivity.  To stop sound from traveling through walls and from one side of the room to the other, you need to use products that block noise from coming through drywall or wall studs.

Acoustical Solutions has many products for any project or business:


• Corporations
• Call centers
• Medical offices
• Law firms
• Hotels
• Gyms
• Restaurants
• Banks
• Churches
• Common areas
• Recording studios
• Schools


Safe Sound Solutions

According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration, thousands of workers suffer hearing loss due to high workplace noise levels. These hearing loss incidents can be preventable with the proper sound solutions. High workplace noise levels have been known to cause physical and psychological distress, cause distractions as well as workplace accidents and injuries. High noise levels can prevent workers from hearing warning signals or warning communication from their peers. Some warning signs that your workplace may be too large is if your employees complain of ringing or humming in their ears when leaving work, having to shout to be heard, temporary hearing loss upon leaving the workplace. Large spaces that produce echoes, even when very little noise is made, need sound absorptive materials that contain sound energy instead of reflecting it. This method of sound absorption lowers reverberation, thus reducing noise levels.

Depending on the size of the space and the project, there are numerous soundproofing solutions at Acoustical Solutions including:


• Wall Panels
• Ceiling Tiles
• Clouds
• Banners
• Baffles
• Bass Traps
• Diffusers
• Acoustical Blankets
• Door Seals
• HVAC noise control
• Acoustical Foams


SHSO Works for You!

Smart Homes Smart Offices in Michigan, servicing the Greater Lansing area and beyond has made it their priority to bring you the most innovative, streamlined technologies to your home or business. Our team of highly experienced and qualified installers, designers and programmers keep abreast of the latest, ever-evolving, cutting-edge technologies. Our highly skilled team has the expertise to design and install a customized system specific to your needs – whether it’s a retrofit project or new construction.

Since 2001 SHSO has focused on bringing quality technology solutions to our customers. Our mission to be the preferred technology company in Michigan guides us in our daily interactions with each other and our customers. Let the Smart Offices team solve your technology problems so you can concentrate on your home or business.

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