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The industry leader in home entertainment systems.

ReQuest is the industry leader in home-entertainment systems that offer high-end digital media storage, management, playback, and system integration capabilities at home, at sea, or in the air. ReQuest home entertainment systems creates a harmonious environment no matter where you are, by providing you high quality audio and video to your automated system, while seamlessly streaming to and from your portable devices.

Transform your home into a musical retreat with streamed music in each room, and crystal clear surround sound in your home theater. A complete home audio system starts from a centralized audio and video system that broadcasts music and video signals throughout the whole home. Whether you are looking to blast your favorite tunes through your contemporary city loft, or control a centralized system spread through multiple zones in a large home, ReQuest has a solution for you.

You want nothing but the best in your home, so don’t settle for less than the best on your yacht or boat. Whether your taste in music spans from a stirring orchestra, or a pulsing bass line, enjoy the luxury of a fully automated entertainment system at home and at sea, or on the lake!
Let your media library go wherever your adventurous heart takes you.

Those that have the luxury of taking to the skies in their own private plane won’t be satisfied with mediocre sound and the same ReQuest system that brings you seamless room-to-room music and movie entertainment can be easily integrated to your personal aircraft. Never leave home without your media library again.

Commercial AV
Independent commercial audio streams let you control the source and volume of media playing in the break room, conference rooms, common areas and even elevators.  Whether you’re interested in playing a single source of music throughout your office building, or want the flexibility of choosing what plays in different audio zones, our design and engineering team will build a system that suits your needs. ReQuest products provide you with true control to set the perfect ambience for your business, whether it be a hotel, restaurant, retail or office building.


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