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Custom Home Theater

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We bring state-of-the-art home theater design into your home. Whether you want an exceptional living room experience, or a dedicated room or basement space, we can transform any space into an impressive system to show off to your friends and family.

Imagine coming home after a long day of work. All you want to do is kick back, relax and escape into a great film. You pop a bowl of popcorn, you grab a glass of wine or an ice cold beer, and you step into your state-of-the-art, completely custom home theater. At the touch of a button or voice command to your remote, smartphone, smart speaker, or iPad, you are instantly swept away into another world. With impeccable lighting, remarkably crystal clear surround sound, and a comfortable temperature in your very own theater, our home theater design team is ready to make your dream a reality.



In your custom home theater, there are no people getting up and blocking your view or kicking your shins to move past. No one is behind, kicking you in the back. No worrying about sticky floors. Whether you desire the ultimate home theater or looking to install or upgrade a few components, our highly trained professionals at Smart Homes of Michigan carry the attention to detail for the utmost acoustic and sound isolation, screen and seating placement, projector installation, room dimension optimization, and the right equipment selection.



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Video Displays

Perhaps the most important step in constructing a superior home theater is the picture quality. We provide the latest technology to enhance the quality of the video and create a clear, detailed visual display for your home theater.

Our specialized home entertainment products range from projection systems to state-of-the-art HD & LCD televisions, ensuring that you will obtain the purest picture available for your budget. When you think home theater you normally think a projector and large screen. This system is generally best for committed theater room where you can completely control the lighting. However, advances in technology have created projection systems that can be used in brighter rooms.

The projection system isn’t the only video option for your custom home theater. Flat panel TVs and the up and coming curved 4k UHD TV can bring you a picture that’s more lifelike than anything you’ve ever seen! Smart Homes Smart Offices, servicing the Greater Lansing area and beyond, can show you all the options that will be best for your needs and custom home theater.


Surround Sound

Put yourself in the middle of the action with enveloping surround sound that will give you an experience better than any movie theater can. You can’t enjoy a quality picture without quality sound and that’s where our sophisticated sound systems come into play. With intricate balancing and tuning to fit your preferences and top-of-the-line speakers to deliver premium audio, we will ensure that you receive the best possible sound quality for your home theater experience.

We pay attention to details such as room dimensions, seating, and room acoustics when installing your custom home theater surround sound system. With hundreds of resources at our disposal, we will install the best surround sound system for your custom home theater and budgetary needs. Our professionals will seamlessly integrate the system into your room’s design, making sure everything is aesthetically pleasing.

Home Theater Installation

Whether you want to purchase and install a few components for your home theater system, or you are looking to design and install the ultimate custom home theater experience, contact Smart Offices Smart Homes today for a consultation. Our highly trained professionals will work with you every step of the day to customize each detail to your preferences and train you to use your system. We know that an exceptional home theater is more than just installing a giant screen and surround sound. We take into careful consideration the creative combination of architecture, furnishings such as home theater seats, lighting, and acoustics to create an incomparable environment. Our team will work with you from design to installation to integrate effortless audio and video systems. Our goal is to create an individual entertainment system that will make your home theater dreams come true.

Your home is just as unique as your family and will require varying acoustic, wiring and accessibility capabilities. An in-home consultation allows our team to assess your current capabilities and draw up a comprehensive plan for your dream custom home theater.

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